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The Conflict Unit
(Under Construction)

This unit is designed to meet Language Arts and Reading Standards related to students abilities to read, analyze and write about a piece of literature. Examples of applicable standards include these taken from the State of Oregon Standards:

Step 1:
Select an appropriate story, chapter, essay or other text for analysis.
Step 2:
Familiarize yourself with the text by reading some or all of it.
Step 3:
Collect examples of conflict from the text. For each provide the location in the text, a short description, a list of the participants, and an appropriate quote illustrating events or outcomes.
Step 4:
Consider, discuss, compare, consult and other wise examine your examples of conflict and those of other students.
Step 5:
Group your examples into categories. Compare your categories with those of others. Reconsider your examples and/or reorganize your categories as necessary.
Step 6:
Given your categories, reexamine your text for more examples of conflict. Reorganize your categories as necessary.
Step 7:
Write an essay about the nature of conflict using your examples and categories as supporting evidence.


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