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Lesson plans, activities and ideas for reading books from the Intersect Digital Library


Lessons and Activities

The links provide a descriptions of each book and its hypertext features, lesson plans and activities, and a link to the book itself:

The Diary of Opal Whiteley
The Journals of Juan Bautista de Anza
On the Run by Willa Holmes
The American History Source Book
Your Genes, Your Choices: Human Cloning

Generic Lessons

The following generic lessons can be used with almost any book:

Using Plain Digital Text - or "Now I've downloaded Shakespeare, What's Next? It's quite easy to download all or part of the text of the Intersect books to your word processor. The same can be done with thousands of other digitized books available from other On-Line Libraries (see the link below). This page describes why you might want to do this.
The Conflict Unit. Conflict is the central feature of any drama and in fact almost any text. This unit shows one way to study conflict using any book.

Computer-Based Study Strategies (CBSS)

These strategies are techniques for using basic concept mapping and outlining software for reading and studing, and doing common school tasks required of any student. They have been developed at the Center for Electronic Studying of the University of Oregon. More information about CBSS can be found at http://cbss.uoregon.edu. The links below download PDF files describing some of the CBSS strategies appropriate for use with the books in this library:


Other Digital Books and Libraries

The Intersect Digital Library is of course not the only source of electronic reading materials. The pages below have links to a variety of different libraries and to specific digital books that have features similar to those in this library:



A Bibliography of books and articles is provided for teachers who want to know more about the theory and practice of using hypertext reading materials.

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