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for the Diary of Opal Whiteley

When Opal Whiteley published her diary as a book in 1920 she divided her text into 39 chapters. She gave each chapter a long descriptive title. These tites and a link to each chapter are listed below.

One problem with reading the diary chapter by chapter however is that the chapters are quite long and can take some time to download. It's also easy to get lost scrolling up and down in a long window of text. To help with this problem, we have divided the text into logical, but shorter sections. We call these the "Day Pagination" and the "Scene Pagination." Its the same words as in the chapters, they are just broken down into different sections.

When you click on one of the Day links below, you will get a section Opal's Diary written on a single day. Sometimes a Day is the same as a Chapter, like with Day 1, but usually each chapter covers two or three, or even four days. To help choosing which day to read we have given each day a title of its own. You can see these by going to the Day Table of Contents. The diary covers 64 separate days. The Timeline gives the dates for some of these days, which you will see that Opal did not.

You can also read by Scenes. Most chapters contain several "scenes," each of which is a complete story. There are titles for the 138 scenes on the Scene Table of Contents.

Finally, you can also read the Diary one paragraph at a time, There aren't links to paragraphs here, but you can see them on the Paragraph Table of Contents.

How Opal Goes along the Road beyond the Singing Creek, and of all she Sees in her New Home
How Lars Porsena of Clusium Got Opal into Trouble, and how Michael Angelo Sanzio Raphael and Sadie MeKibben Gave her Great Comfort
Of the Queer Feels that Came out of a Bottle of Castoria, and of the Happiness of Larry and Jean
How Peter Paul Rubens Goes to School
How Opal Comforted Aphrodite, and how the Fairies Comforted Opal when there Was Much Sadness at School
Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8
Opal Gives Wisdom to the Potatoes, Cleanliness to the Family Clothes, and a Delicate Dinner to Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus
The Adventure of the Tramper; and what Happens on Long and on Short Days
How Opal Takes a Walk in the Forest of Chantilly; she Visits Elsie and her Baby Boy, and Explains Many Things to the Girl that Has no Seeing
Of an Exploring Trip with Brave Horatius; and how Opal Kept Sadness away from her Animal Friends
How Brave Horatius is Lost and Found again, but Peter Paul Rubens is Lost Forever
How Opal Took the Miller's Brand out of the Flour-Sack, and Got Many Sore Feels thereby; and how Sparks Come on Cold Nights; and how William Shakespeare Has Likings for Poems
Of Elsie s Brand-New Baby, and all the Things that Go with it; and the Goodly Wisdom of the Angels who Bring Folks Babies that Are like them
How Felix Mendelssohn and Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil Go for a Ride; William Shakespeare Suffers One Whipping and Opal Another
How Opal Feels Satisfaction Feels, and Takes a Ride on William Shakespeare; and all that Came of it
Of Jenny Strong's Visit, its Gladness and its Sadness
Of the Woods on a Lonesome Day, and the Friendliness of the Wood-Folks on December Days when you Put your Ears Close and Listen
Of Works to be Done; and how it Was that a Glad Light Came into the Eyes of the Man who Wears Gray Neckties and Is Kind to Mice
How Opal Pays One Visit Elsie and Another to Dear Love, and Learns how to Mend her Clothes in a Quick Way
Of the Camp by the Mill by the Far Woods; of the Spanking that Came from the New Way of Mending Clothes; and of the Long Sleep of William Shakespeare
Of the Little Song-Notes that Dance about Babies; and of the Solemn Christening of Solomon Grundy
How Opal Names Names of the Lambs of Aidan of Iona and Seeks for the Soul of Peter Paul Rubens
How Solomon Grundy Falls Sick and Grows Well again; and Minerva's Chickens are Christened; and the Pensée Girl, with the Far-Away Look in her Eyes, Finds Thirty-and-Three Bunches of Flowers
How Opal and Brave Horatius Go on Explores and Visit the Hospital -- How the Mamma Dyes Clothes and Opal Dyes Clementine
How the Mamma's Wish Came True, and how Opal was Spankedfor it, and of the Likes which Aphrodite Had for a Clean Place to Live in
Of Many Washings and a Walk
Why it Was that the Girl who Has no Seeing Was not at Home when Opal Called
Of a Cathedral Service in the Pig-Pen. How the World Looks.from a Man's Shoulder
How Opal Piped with Reeds, and what a Good Time Dear Love Gave Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus
How Opal Feels the Heat of the Sun, and Decorates a Goodly Number of the White Poker-Chips of the Chore Boy
How Opal and the Little Birds from the Great Tree Have a Happy Time at the House of Dear Love
How Lola Wears her White Silk Dress at Last
Of the Ways that Fairies Write, and the Proper Way to Drink in the Song of the Wood
Of the Death of Lars Porsena of Clusium, and of the Comfort that Sadie McKibben can Give
Of the Fall of the Great Tree, and the Funeral of Aristotle
How the Man of the Long Step that Whistles Most Of the Time Takes an Interesting Walk
Of Taking-Egg Day, and the Remarkable Things that Befell thereon
Of the Strange Adventure in the Woods on the Going-Away Day of Saint Louis
How Opal Makes Prepares to Move. How she Collects All the Necessary Things, Bids Good-bye to Dear Love, and Learns that her Prayer has been Answered

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