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The Diary of Opal Whiteley



List of Scenes

When it was first published the Diary of Opal Whiteley was organized only by chapters; However, within each chapter there are often separate and distinct stories or "scenes." The list below provides links to these scenes, as well as to the encompassing chapters.

Opal's new home
The Missing Thimble

Jumping into the arms of Michael Angelo Sanzio Raphael

To the Ranch-House to get Milk
Queer Feels
Feeding the Yellowjackets
Larry and Jean
Peter Paul Rubens Goes to School
The Blue Ribbon
Punished at School
The Tramper
Looking for the lost Minutes
Colored Pencils From the Fairies
Making a Potato Choir
Helping with Chores
Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus's Cheese Squeak
Cutting the ham
Wondering about Trampers
A Long Day for Opal
Playing in an Imaginary Forest
Much Work to be Done
The Mamma Comes Home From Elsie's
Voices in the Wind
Playing With the Girl Who Has noSeeing
Cloudships in the Sky
The papa's big coat
Lonesome Feels

Searching for Brave Horatius

The Butchering of Peter Paul Rubens
Getting the Millers Brand out of the Flour-Sack
Searching For the Soul of Peter Paul Rubens
Coldness in the Outdoors
Singing the spelling of words
The Baby
A Gray Day
Elsie's brand new baby
A morning visit to the house of Elsie
Solving The Puzzle of Elsie's Baby
The Baby is Elsie's
Sadie McKibben Has Understandings
Defending William Shakespeare
Standing in the Corner at School
Lola Saves Lucian Horace Ovid
Opal helps Make Butter
A Long Ride on William Shakespeare
Jenny Strong's Visit
Talking with the man who wears gray neckties and is kind to mice
A Wonderful Dinner For All
A Lonely Day
Writting More messages
A noon meal for Mathilde Plantagenet
Looking for fairies
Mending Elsie's Bottle nipple
Preparing to Visit Dear Love
Collecting things for the girl who has no seeing
A Visit With Dear Love and Husband
Trying to Help the Papa
Watching the folks from the lumber camp
Singing words and letters
A call from the pasture
The Death of William Shakespeare
Washing and Weeding
Love for Elsie's Baby
Wash-day for Sadie McKibben
The Christening of Soloman Grundy
Singing While Working
Being Comforted
Taking Solomon Grundy To Visit Dear LOve
Having Cathedral Service in the Barn
Naming day
Walking barefoot in the mud
Planting Potatoes
Solomon Grundy is Sick
Christening Minerva's Children
Visiting Sadie McKibben
Gathering Flowers
The <i>pensée</i> girl with the far-away look
A busy day
Lars Porsena of Clusium Looses His Tail Feathers
Dyeing day for the mamma
Opal makes trouble
The Butter-Paddle
Close looks at plants in the garden
A Visit from the man with the gray neckties
Minerva's Baby Chicks
A Portrait of Solomon Grundy
The Song of the Hills
Bathing Mathilde Plantagenet
Mathilde Plantagenet visits the girl that has no seeing
Going to see the girl who has no seeing
A return visit to the girl who has no seeing
Cathedral Service in the Pig Pen
Hoeing the Garden
A New Friend
No More Oil
Jam Tracks
Another Perspective
Sadie McKibben's Hair
Yhe Gray Shadows
Down By The Swamp
Sing While Works
A Very Nice Visit
Tied to the woodshed corner
Rosée on the Verdure
Poker chips for portraits
Elsie's House
A New bran-sack-box
Going to Dear Love's
Lola Gets a White Silk Dress
So Many Things to See
Calling on Folks with Sun-bonnets
Healing William Makepeace Thackeray
Visiting Sadie & the Man in Gry Neckties
Chores for the Mamma
Picking Elderberries
The Death of Lars Porsena of Clusium
Helping The Animals
A Long Work Day
Pain-Sound in the Woods
The funeral of Aristotle
Another Patient
The loose tooth
Watching the pensÄe girl and the man of the long step
Taking-egg day
Taking The Eggs
On a walk with Felix Mendelssohn
The Satin Eggs
Thank song in the Woods
A Most Warm Day
A Strange Calling from the Woods
Opal finds a man hanging from a tree limb
Things to take
Finding homes for everyone
Going to see Dear Love
What happened after

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