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The Diary of Opal Whiteley

A New Way to Read a book - with Stories and Historic Photos

Read about Opal's One-Room Schoolhouse

See Opal's Walden School

The Walden School Opal attended in 1905Opal, age 9 in school in 1907

View a photo of Opal's teacher

Actual school rules for teachers in 1915

See the Original Walden School bell used

Read about Opal's many Pets

William Shakespeare an old logging horse a horse like William Shakespeare

Opal's pet pig, Peter Paul Rubens

Opal's dog, Brave Horatius, a German Shepherd

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a Jersey Milk Cow

Opal's wood rat, Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus

Felix Mendelssohn, Opal's pet mouse

Lars Porsena of Clusium, a pet crowa young pig like Peter Paul Rubens

Minerva and her baby Chickens

Opal's pet toad, Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil

Opal's pet bats, Aristotle, Plato & Pliny

Old Growth Trees with Understanding Souls

Meet Opal's Family in the Diary

Elizabeth Whiteley - wedding day, 1895

Elizabeth Whiteley, wedding portrait, 1895Mother & Child, Lizzie Whiteley & baby

The Papa & Mamma, Ed & Lizzie Whiteley

Sisters Pearl & Opal as small children

Faye Whiteley, the baby in the diary

Opal's maternal grandparents, the Scotts

Angel Father, Prnce Henry of FranceLarry & Jean, (aunt Jessie and uncle Tom Scott)

Elsie and her young husband (Walt & Lela Scott)

Elsie's new baby, Opal's cousin, Merle Scott)

Booth Kelly Lumber - where Ed Whiteley worked

Opal's Angel Father, Prince Henri of France

Opal's mysterious Angel Mother

Meet Opal's Friends and NeighborsSadie McKibben in 1905The Man Who Wears Grey Necties (George Miller in 1905)

The beautiful Sadie McKibben

McKibben family Lumber Shanty

Man who wears gray neckties and is kind to mice

The Mill by the Far Wood - McKibben's, 1905

The "Mill Folks" Family Reunion, 1905

Opal's blind friend - the Girl who has no seeing

Explore Nature with Opal

Opal raising butterflies in the nursery

Opal shows how to catch butterflies

a Blue Jay steals acorns Opal hides

Opal pretends she is a Dragonfly

The Fairies, Little People of the Forest

Opal saves a baby squirrel

Playing on old tree stumps in the forest

Ferns Growing in the woods

Wildflowers in the woods

Lichen voices in winter

The days of brown leaves (Fall, 1904)

Towns and Lumber Camps Opal lived in

The "Mill Town" Cottage Grove, Oregon 1900

The drug store that sold Castoria and crayons

Asians in a Cottage Grove Parade

Eugene, Oregon in 1910

Wendling, Oregon - where Opal lived as a child

Lundburg Hotel on the Bohemia gold mountain

Opal's house site todayPhotos of her Family's Ranch

The Singing Creek where the Willows Grow

Where the Road goes Three Ways

Opal's house site today

Northeast Sky View of Opal's home & farm

The Ranch- House of Grandparents Scott

Barns Opal likes to play in

The Lane Opal walked down to school

North Sky View of the Oak Grove trees

Horse Logging in the Near Woods

1904 Oldsmobile popular when the diary was written

Wood cook stove like Opal's mother used

Lumber camp tents like Opal's family lived in

An early Washing Machine to do laundry

Opal's Walden, Oregon 1905

Walden Railroad Bridge, 1905

Famous Hollywood Train Wreck

Mosby Creek Bridge across the Rivière

The Talking Fir Trees on Layng Road today

Anchor Hill - where thoughts come from the canyon

The Stewart Covered bridge near Opal's school

See photos of Opal through the Years

Possible photo of Opal as a baby

Opal Whiteley, 1902, age 2

Opal, age 9,  1907 at her school desk

Opal age 16, dressed as an Indian guide

Opal age 19, Playing the Violin for Hollywood 

Opal Whiteley, about age 60

Opal, age 90 in a wheelchair

Our deep thanks to everyone for these historic photos of people and places in Opal's life

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