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The Diary of Opal Whiteley



List of Paragraphs

The 38 chapters of the Diary of Opal Whiteley contain 598 individual paragraphs. The links below provide access to each.

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The house on the edge of the near woods
Living in a tent
The lumber shanty
The singing creek
The road toSadie McKibbon's house.
The road to the school house
Picking cornflowers
Walking with William Shakespeare
The road to the upper camps
The railroad track
Going on explores
Carrying the water jug
Finding the mamma's thimble
Climbing to the barn roof
Jumping into the arms of Michael Angelo Sanzio Raphael
Falling on top of Aphrodite
A blue ribbon for Aphrodite
No time for a spanking
On the way to get milk
The black cat
The beauty of Sadie McKibben
Going home with the milk
Sitting on the doorstep printing
The ache in the bottle of castoria
Queer feels
Going on explores
Sharing bread and jam
The anger of Rob Ryder
Making biscuits
A ride in the fascinator
Crossing the cornfield
Looking for things in the field
Plans for the future
Remembering Larry and Jean
The baby of Larry and Jean
Stones for a growing Felix Mendelssohn
So much likes for Felix Mendelssohn
Our lovely lane
Greetings for the tree friends
Hurrying with the milk
Printing while sitting on the woodbox
A surprise at the end of the lane
Peter Paul Rubens' red ribbon squeal
Peter Paul Rubens comes a- following after
Being "screwtineyesed" by the new teacher
Peter Paul Rubens walks right in
Peter Paul Rubens talks in school
Shaing lunch on the way home
Digging plants for the cathedral
A blue ribbon for Aphrodite
Hurry feels
A bed of bracken fern for Aphrodite
Scratches with a stick for Aphrodite
Straight looks from the teacher
Staying in at recess time
The teacher's questions
Opal's answers
Opal talks back
An "egg sam pull"
The names of Angel Father
A most long recess
Lola's wish
Longing for the river
Playing "comparer"
The tramper's hungry feels
A caterpillar's cradle
The lost 10 minutes
Looking for the fairies
Joy feels for color pencils
Going to the mill
The man who wears gray neckties and is kind to mice
Writing to the fairies
The secret moss-box
Making potato piles
Talking to the potatoes
Talking about friends to the potatoes
Hearing earth voices
Star songs
Brave Horatius thinks it is home-going time
Celebrating with potatoes
Making a potato choir
A most helpful dog
Making choir rows together
Another service with the choir
Picking up the potatoes quickly
Going home from the potato field
Wash day
More chores
Bringing water to mop the floor
Not glad looks from the mamma
Brown leaves and birds
Jardin des Tuileries
A candle for Louis Phillippe
The nose of Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus
Cheese for Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus
The cheese squeek
The goodness of Sadie McKibben
The meeting of the roads
Helping with the works
Trying to reach the ham
Sharpening the knife
Cutting frilly ham slices
A tramper by the wood shed
Sitting on the ham
A rescue by Brave Horatius
A whipping by the mamma
Thinking about trampers
The tramper who split wood
Long days
Pinning patches
Books in the house
The alarm clock
The tracks of Elizabeth Barrett Browing
Tired horses pulling logs
A shine-up with vaseline
Watching the raindrops
Making rivers in the kitchen
Playing in the "forêt de Chantilly"
Nibbling the cheese lions
The calling wind
Days of brown leaves
Talking leaves
Long looks to see what needs to be done
A shine-up with bon ami
Sweeping the floors
Coal oil for the croup
Cleaning the windows
The unlocked toolbox
Elsie sings "Gallop-a-trot"
Vaseline for the pompador
Baby spiders
The sad feels of wood
A good-bye song for wood
Rubbing the mamma's head
Voices in the wind
Dancing on a log
Finding a moth cradle
Visiting the girl who has no seeing
Playing comparer by feels
The talking trees
Ville of St. Denis
Listening to the wind
The shadows' velvety fingers
Getting a hurry on
A bell for Peter Paul Rubens
Cathedral service
Forgotten under the bed
Watching the cloud-ships
Finding the tracks of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
EXplaining cloud-ships
The alter of St. Louis
The papa's big coat
Shairng a piece of asfiditee
A little wren
Inspection at school
Collecting brown leaves
Scattering leaves upon the waters
Bugling in the canyon
Ending the day
Searching for Brace Horatius
The chore boy sings
Lonesome feels are everywhere
Searching in the forêt de Montmorency
The names of places
Peter Paul Rubens wants to search
Tired feels
Brave Horatius is found
The flock of sheep
Finding names for the sheep
The shepherd's new name
Friends together again
Butchering day
The death of Peter Paul Rubens
The soul of Peter Paul Rubens
Carrying wood
The flour sack with the miller's brand
Cutting out the miller's brand
Queer feels from the hazel switch
The arms of Queen Elizabeth
Seeking the soul of Peter Paul Rubens
Lonesome prayers
Dropping grey leaves upon the water
Pictures on the window -panes
Ice in the mud puddles
The frozen pump
Singing the spelling of words
A working pump
Sparky things
Singing made-up songs
The mamma's baby
The symphorine
Counting year-numbers on fingers
Feeding the birds
A box in the woods
A gray day
Songs for William Shakespeare
Elsie's brand new baby
The angel's mistake
Needing to tell Elsie
Visiting Elsie
Telling Elsie
The heavy step of Mrs. Limberger
A new baby calf
A morning visit to the house of Elsie
The eyes and hair of Elsie's baby
The mamma did holler
To the house of Dear Love
Explaining to Dear Love
The wisdom of angels
The husband's long looks
Hurrying back to Elsie
Elsie's glad smiles
Naming the baby calf
Shaking hands with Sadie McKibben
Carrying friends in pockets
A basket for the little folk
Sadie's treats
No apology for Rob Ryder
Finding comfort in the trees
Gathering watercress for the mamma
The twelve trees
Plump wiggles into beetles
The willows by the singing brook
Standing in the corner at school
A toad that hopped too far
Lola helps out
Making butter
The joy of horse riding
On explores with William Shakespeare
Singing to the river
The bridge's squeaky boards
Reaching for the mistletoe
Hanging from the oak tree
Men working on the railroad
A nodding bush asks a question
A passing wagon
Grass and poetry for William Shakespeare
The coming of spring
Passing a lumber mill
Thoughts from the hills
Listening to a horse coming down the road
Help from the fairies
Returning home at night
The arrival of Jenny Strong
The bonnet of Jenny Strong
Coming near unto the house
Jenny Strong rocks
A gray bird on a bush
Remembering the black bonnet
The nodding rosebud
Showing the nursery to Jenny Strong
A lullaby for the nursery
Talking with the man who wears gray neckties and is kind to mice
Wanting pink ribbons
The moss box in the woods
A spanking for scaring Jenny Strong
Jenny Strong relaxes
Singing the river song
Lots on the table to eat
Ruffles at the neck
Hungry feels
Writing messages on gray leaves
The glad song
Saving pennies for singing lessons
Plans to visit the girl who has no seeing
Understanding the thoughts of flowers
More messages on gray leaves
Gathering watercress
Tying leaf messages to trees
The gray woods
Listening to lichen voices
A noon meal for Mathilde Plantagenet
A big amount of satisfaction feels
Disturbs on the grandpa's temper
Back from the mill town
Looking for fairies
Pink ribbons for everyone
Glad lights in the eyes of the man who wears gray neckties and is kind to mice
The man with the long step
Showing the pink ribbons
A bottle of china-mending glue
Talking with the willows
The nipple that wouldn't stay on
Getting the bottle of china-mending glue
Fixing the baby bottle
Elsie asks how
Elsie's coughing spell
Elsie is grateful
Mending the dress quickly
A cap for riding in
Brave Horatius wears the cap
Collecting things for the girl who has no seeing
The color blue
Prayers of thanks
A chair for Dear Love
A new calico patch
A mouse that likes soft feels
An early garden
Papa wants to talk
The salal's little askings
The bird song of grandpère
Pants with fringes
Watching the folks from the lumber camp
Gifts from the lumber camps
Singing words and letters
A call from the pasture
Hoping for glad feels from the mamma
Patching the calls
Fixing the kettle
An empty bottle of glue
A spankng to be good on
Comfort for William Shakespeare
A cold William Shakespeare
The long sleeps of William Shakespeare
Emptying the washtub
Weeding the onions
Singing the service
Dancing song notes
Praying for twins
A blue jay
Wash-day for Sadie McKibben
Seeing many beautiful things
A christening robe for Solomon Grundy
In the pig-pen
Cleaning up Solomon Grundy
A christening by the godparents
A squealing pig
Returning to Aphrodite
Getting dressed
Feeding the chickens
Counting eggs
Working all day
Voices from the fields and woods
Helping the mamma with dinner
Tired and sore all over
The Christening of Solomon Grundy
Setting the hen
Getting Solomon Grundy ready to go visiiting
Love from a shy man
Singing to Solomon Grundy
A flower bed for Dear Love
Cathedral service in the barn
Clementine comes late
Naming day
A lamb to mother
Plans for a baby bottle
The lambs get names
Kisses for the baby lambs
A leaf message for William Shakespeare
A cream lily for the soul of Peter Paul Rubens
Walking barefoot in the mud
Minerva's puzzle
Names for Minerva's chicks
Making plans for a christening
A peep at Aphrodite
Cutting potatoes into pieces
What potato eyes do see
A box for getting into the pig-pen
The sickness of Solomon Grundy
Getting help for Solomon Grundy
Tired arms
The man who wears gray neckties and is kind to mice
Saying thanks at the cathedral
Finishing the christening robes
Ribbons for all the christening robes
Putting the christening robes on
A cap with ruffles for Minerva
The christening of Minerva's chicks
A visit to Sadie McKibben
Love and flowers for the pensée girl
A need to hurry away
Going to the flowers by the old log
Putting flowers in a basket
A message for the pensée girl
More flowers for the pensée girl
A visit to the log with flowers
A busy world to live in
Praying for a baby
A busy day
Playful woolly lambs
Looking for flowers
Listening to earth voices
Brave Horatius defends his special dish
Bandages for Lars Porsena
Explanations and understandings about tail feathers
Unwrapping Lars Porsena
Dyeing day for the mamma
Coldness in the dye-water
Keeping watches
Dyeing day for Opal
Dipping handles
Blue feathers for Clementine
Dyeing the matches blue
Celebrating at cathedral
Churning butter
The butter paddle
Close looks at plants in the garden
Fête de grandpère
Hiding behind a tree
Splints for the hospital
A visit to the hospital
The children of Minerva at school
Minerva's family growing well
Planning a portrait of Solomon Grundy
A clean pig-pen for Aphrodite
A brush for the pigs
Drawing Solomon Grundy's portrait
Getting the swill-smells off
Changing from wet clothes to dry
A walk in the woods
Summer approaches
Bathing Mathilde Plantagenet
The problem of carrying water
Walking to see the girl who has no seeing
Salt lumps for Mathilde Plantagenet
Listening to the voices in the woods
A request for more visits
Going to see the girl who has no seeing
Getting the folks together
The whole family on a visit
Waiting for the girl who has no seeing
Singing the uncle's bird song
Waiting waits on the gate-post
Waiting some more waits
Praying for the girl who has no seeing
A return visit to the girl who has no seeing
Rapping on the window
Listening to two men talking
Listening more listens
Queer feels all over
Hearing about the brush fire
Leaf messages for the angels
Deciding to have cathedral service in the pig-pen
Preparations for cathedral servive
Lifting eyes unto the hills
Thoughts while hoeing the garden
Earthworms and bean-folks
An earthworm for Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil
The new sorrel horse
Oil for burn pains
Ant eggs
Crow tracks on the tablecloth
Wanting to tie a message on the tree
The view from a man's shoulder
Rolling the hair of Sadie McKibben
A little lamb bleating
A song in the cathedral tree-tops
Glad voices
Down by the swamp
Piping the forest song
Being helps to the mamma
Washing and drying white paws
Kisses from Dear Love
A nice visit with Dear Love
The husband of Dear Love
Comparing tails
The language of shadows
What the angels bring
Tied to the woodshed corner
Watching the passer-by while tied to the woodshed
Watching more passers-by
A nose bleed from the sun
Helping out
Glory and gladness everywhere
Another robe for the rooster
Taking things to the grandmother's house
Poker chips for portraits
The hollow log
Adding new portraits
The chore boy's poker-chips
An upset chore boy
Different thinks about poker-chips
Elsie and the whipped cream cake
Rocking the baby's cradle
Looking for thoughts in flowers
he bran-sack-box
Feeding wheat to the chickens
Patting dirt aorund the tomato plant
The place where the ferns grow
Solomon Grundy comes running after
A long nest
Feeding the little bird
The husband of Dear Love laughs
Funerals for the little birds
A pillow to sit on
A full moon
Lola with a white silk dress
Pats from Lola's sister
A guêpe by the mud puddle
A white butterfly and a katydid
Looking looks into the pond
Visiting sunbonnet folks in the garden
The swallow's nest
Helping a hurt bird
The wisdom of Sadie McKibben
When Sadie McKibben sings
Writing like the fairies write
Plans to change his writing
The beauty of fairy writing
Morning chores
Christening robes for caterpillars
Checking the underskirt for animals
Filling the woodbox
Picking elderberries and watching the lily pond
Picking elderberries and picking names for twins
Dancing from stump to stump
Barve Horatius helps take the elderberries home
Going across the corn field
The chore boy with a gun
Lars Porsena is shot
Sleepy feels on Lars Porsena
Las Porsena is dead
Calling to the soul of Lars Porsena
A dream day
Flies on Savonarola
A message for the soul of Lars Porsena
A foot-bath for Aphrodite
The flower sprinkler
The folks at cathedral service
The apron of Sadie Mckibben
Helping the cream turn sour
Joy feels and sore feels
The death song
The great fir tree in the woods
The silver voice
Three pet bats
A cabbage head dabbling its toes
The color yellow
The spider and the mosquito
The cat and the squirrel
A baby squirrel for the hospital
The loose tooth
A string for the doorknob
Color pencils in the moss-box
Watching from the tree tops
Giving a blessing
Concerns for the moss-box
A gold wedding ring
Concerns fror a green caterpillar adn the moss-box
Following a little blue-gray bird
Returning to the green string
White dresses for the turnip folk
Taking-egg day
Many uses for a sunbonnet
Looking long looks at the eggs
Eggs for Mrs. Limberger
A crown of flowers
The altar of gray rocks
Picking berries for the nursery
Watching a snake
Having conversations with a flower
Demoiselles by the creek
Dabbling toes in the willow creek
Inspirations from dabbling toes
A buzzing "bourdon"
Finding eggs in the haystack
Anticipating the delight of Mrs. Limberger
The new dresses fo Sadie McKibben and Mrs. Limberger
Waiting with the bucket of eggs
Getting fidgety while waiting
The queer odor of eggs with a satin feel
Scrubbing the porch of Mrs. Limberger
A pat and a squeak
Being "tended to" by the mamma
Getting the sunbonnet from Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Thank songs in different voices
A guêpe carries away a spider
Taking the children to the ranch-house
Cold drinks on a warm day
Thank yous from the garden
Maple leaves for shade
Thunder and lightening
Brave Horatius is waiting
A mournful sound
Following the queer sound and seeing a queer look
Making prepares to move to the mill town
Only the necessary things
Washing the picture of Angel Father
Replanting the lily of Peter Paul Rubens
Moving necessaries to the hollow log
More necessaries for the hollow log
And even more necessaries
The list of necessaries continue
More necessaries to be packed
The list of necessaries continues
And the list of necessaries finally ends
Plans for moving more necessary things
Some go and some don't
The need for new homes
Temporary arrangements for the folks
Plans for new explores
Learning a secret from Dear Love
The answers to prayers
Clothes for the new baby
A song in the tree tops
What happened after
Coming to the East
The diary continues

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