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The Extended Glossary


This glossary provides information about the many people, names, places, and words found in Opal's Diary. Click on the categories to see each list.


  This lists of all the people, animals, and individuals that lived in Opal's world. The complete list includes nearly 250 names. It has been broken down into three categories: People, Forest Friends, and Farm Friends.
People Forest Friends Farm Friends
Family Favorite
Friends Friends with
Special Stories
School The Great Trees Pigs
Others Others Others
Overview of all characters (complete list)



  Place Names

A list of all the places where Opal went or mentioned.

  Historical People
  Opal uses famous names from history for many of her pets. She also honors such people by remembering the days of their birth or death.   
 [Names used for pets]      [ People remembered]
  French Words

Opal uses many words from the French language.

  Period Words

This diary was written between 1904 and 1905. That time in American History was quite different from today. The words listed in this category all had some special meaning in Opal's time that is different from how we might use those words today.

  General Words

Some words used by Opal may not be familar to some readers and are listed here.


Opal was only six and seven years old when writing this diary and often made up words of her own.


A list of the plants mentioned by Opal.

  A list of the animals mentioned by Opal.

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