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Following One of Opal's Characters

Diaries like Opal's are filled with stories about interesting people and places. But often these stories are not concentrated in one place, but are spread out in many different places.

To get at these stories without having to read the entire diary, you can use your computer to search for just those parts of the diary that you want.

Here's Search Box where you can try this:

As you read about some character from Opal's diary, you should try to answer questions list these:

  1. What is the "story" of the character? How does it start? Where does it end? What interesting things happen? Is it a happy story? Can you write a short summary of it?
  2. How did the character get its name?
  3. Is this character always the main character in the paragraphs which mention him?
  4. Does Opal's relationship with the character change from one part of the diary to another?

You can read about any of the people or pets Opal tells us about in this same way. Do a search for their name and then study the paragraphs you find. There's a list of everyone in the diary on the Characters page.

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