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The Diary of Opal Whiteley

Project INTERSECT's electronic version of Opal Whiteley's diary is based on the 1920 best selling publication entitled The Story of Opal: The Journal of an Understanding Heart. We have done a modest amount of editing, mostly in the form of updating punctuation and altering where some of the paragraphs start and stop. In addition, each chapter has been divided into days, and days have been divided into scenes. The chapters retain their original titles, but we created titles for days, scenes, and each individual paragraph. It is hoped that these divisions and titles will help you, the reader, to study the diary's contents and/or return to favorite sections. We are also in the process of supporting the text of Opal's diary with definitions for unfamiliar words, commentary, and pictures - - both historical and modern. These supportive resources are designed to help you understand the world Opal is writing about, as well as foster an appreciation for Opal's diary as a piece of literature.

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