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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

Brave Horatius
  Brave Horatius was Opalís pet German Shepherd dog. He goes with her everywhere.

Opal named him Brave Horatius after the Roman hero of the poem "Horatius at the Bridge" by Thomas Macaulay.

Paragraph 79: Brave Horatius thinks it is home-going time

Paragraph 105: A rescue by Brave Horatius

Scene 28: Brave Hortatius is lost and found again

  a metal pail used to carry a meal to school or work

"I like to share the scraps from my dinner-pail with my animal friends."

Paragraph 304: Example

far woods
  The far woods is a forest near the McKibben Mill, about a quarter of a mile west from Opal's home.

Opal calls this area the far woods because she thinks it is far from her house.

Picture: Sky view of the far woods today

Paragraph 194: A box in the woods

Paragraph 479: The place where the ferns grow

  The hospital is a place in the woods where Opal takes her sick and injured animals to get well.

The hospital is in the near woods just behind Opal's house. Also close to the hospital are Opal's nursery and the cathedral.

Paragraph 94: The nose of Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus

Paragraph 494: Helping a hurt bird

  knows; understands; believes

"I have not knowing who lives in that house."

Paragraph 103: Example

  The nursery is Opal's place to grow little plants from seeds. She also keeps tiny insects and young animals in the nursery.

The nursery is in the near woods close to the hospital and the cathedral.

Picture: Sky view

Paragraph 152: The papa's big coat

Paragraph 500: Morning chores

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