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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

  split; parts

"The road have divides into two different ways."

Paragraph 302: Example

far woods
  The far woods is a forest near the McKibben Mill, about a quarter of a mile west from Opal's home.

Opal calls this area the far woods because she thinks it is far from her house.

Picture: Sky view of the far woods today

Paragraph 194: A box in the woods

Paragraph 479: The place where the ferns grow

  the fabric on things such as pants that are starting to unravel

"I can see the fringes on the men's paints where they cut them shorter with a knife."

Paragraph 455: Example

  The mill by the far woods was owned by Sadie McKibben's family. Several other neighbors of Opal's also worked in the McKibben mill.

A lumber mill turns cut trees and logs into planks and lumber. The loggers and mill workers live near it in bunk houses housing as many as 20 or more men. The McKibben lumber mill burned down in 1907, a couple of years after Opal moved from Walden into Cottage Grove.

Picture: the McKibben mill by the far woods

Picture: sky view of the mill by the far woods

Paragraph 5: The road to Sadie McKibbon's house

Paragraph 303: Watching the folks from the lumber camp

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