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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

Brave Horatius
  Brave Horatius was Opalís pet German Shepherd dog. He goes with her everywhere.

Opal named him Brave Horatius after the Roman hero of the poem "Horatius at the Bridge" by Thomas Macaulay.

Paragraph 79: Brave Horatius thinks it is home-going time

Paragraph 105: A rescue by Brave Horatius

Scene 28: Brave Hortatius is lost and found again

go on explores

"Today is a perfect day to go on explores because the whether is very nice."

Paragraph 491: Example

  Isaiah is another dog of Opal's. She says that he is "a plain dog".

The name "Isaiah" comes from the name of a great prophet in the Bible. The Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament is written about him.

Paragraph mention326: Last mention

  a strong desire for something

"Opal had a longing to go outside."

Paragraph 503: Example

Peter Paul Rubens

Opal named her pet pig Peter Paul Rubens. He is named after a Belgian painter born in 1577.

Opal is very fond of Peter Paul Rubens and has many adventures with him, such as when he followed Opal to school. There was also some sadness.

Picture: A Pet Pig

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Scene 8: A pig goes to school

  a fenced place where farmers keep their pigs

I let my pet pig Peter Paul Rubens out of the pig-pen this morning."

Paragraph 328: Example

Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus

Opal has given this name to a wood rat who is one of her favorite pets. Opal very often carries Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus whenever she goes visiting or exploring.

Opal named her pet rat after the poet Thomas Chatterton, and two gods of classical mythology.

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