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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

  the way it looks

"This house, its appears is not very pretty."

Paragraph 500: Example

dinky engine
  small locomotive used in train yards

"dinky engine slowly pulled the very large train"

Paragraph 234: Example

  except; not

"People come here every day of the week, excepting Sundays."

Paragraph 10: Example

logging train
  railroad train used to haul logs from the forest to the lumber mill

"Everyday Opal saw the logging train going down the railroad tracks towards the mill."

Opal's family lives very near the railroad track. It was built in 1902 to bring logs from the forest to be sawed into lumber. The train was called the "Old Slow and Easy" because of how slow it went. It's real name was the Oregon Southwestern and Eastern. The railroad was also called the Bohemia Train because it carried men to work in the gold mines near Bohemia Mountain.

Paragraph 244: Example

Picture: the Old Slow and Easy Railroad

Picture: the first Hollywood train wreak

mill town
  The the mill town is Cottage Grove, Oregon. It can be seen from the hilltops near her house.

Opal calls Cottage Grove the mill town because that is where the railroad takes lumber to the sawmills. Cottage Grove had about 2,000 people in 1905 and today has over 8,000. Opal lived in the tiny community of Walden, about 3 miles east of Cottage Grove. In September, 1905 Opal moved from Walden to Cottage Grove. Her diary ends as they are preparing to move to the mill town.

Picture: Cottage Grove, the mill town

Paragraph 5: The road to Sadie McKibben's house Paragraph 576

Paragraph 576: Making prepares to move to the mill town

railroad track
  The railroad track was built from 1902 - 1903 from Cottage Grove to Walden and then on to the upper logging camps and the Bohemia Gold Mines.

The railroad was called the "Old Slow and Easy" - it's real name was the Oregon & Southeastern Railway. It ran from 1904 to 1985. Today, the old railroad track has been made over into a 14 mile long bike path and hiking trail.

Picture: the Old Slow and Easy Railroad

Picture: the first Hollywood train wreck tranwrek.jpg

Paragraph 10: The railroad track

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