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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

  to appreciate; likes

"The old gray horse has appreciations for Opal's petting and the garland she made for him."

Paragraph 48: Example

have understanding
  understands; knows

"Opal wanted Peter Paul Rubens to have understanding what she was doing."

Paragraph 385: Example

  The lane is a narrow dirt road that Opal walks to school on.

The lane was quite long - at least a mile or more. It runs from her grandparent's house west all the way to the mill by the far woods. It was owned by the Limbergers.

Picture: The Lane

Paragraph 38: Our lovely lane

  The road runs in front of Opal's grandparent's house. It's real name is Mosby Creek Road.

Opal calls this place where the road goes three ways. It is the intersection of Mosby Creek Road and Layng Road.

Opal's vivid imagination sees Mosby Creek road as going two different directions. One way the road goes west towards Cottage Grove. The other way the road goes is east to her school and the blue hills. Layng Road goes north and onto the upper logging camps and the Bohemia gold mines.

Picture: where the road goes three ways today

Picture: sky view of where the road goes three ways

Paragraph 5: The road to Sadie McKibben's house

Paragraph 6: The road to the school house

Paragraph 9: The road to the upper camps

William Shakespeare
  William Shakespeare is an old work horse belonging to Opal's family and often used to haul logs.

Opal loves to talk with him and to go for rides. She named him for William Shakespeare the great English writer of the 1500's.

Day 25: Opal's long ride

Picture: Work Horses

More about: this old horse

About: the writer Shakespeare

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