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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

Brave Horatius
  Brave Horatius was Opalís pet German Shepherd dog. He goes with her everywhere.

Opal named him Brave Horatius after the Roman hero of the poem "Horatius at the Bridge" by Thomas Macaulay.

Paragraph 79: Brave Horatius thinks it is home-going time

Paragraph 105: A rescue by Brave Horatius

Scene 28: Brave Hortatius is lost and found again

face about
  turn around

"Once we get to the top of the hill we willface about and go back down."

Paragraph 156: Example

far woods
  The far woods is a forest near the McKibben Mill, about a quarter of a mile west from Opal's home.

Opal calls this area the far woods because she thinks it is far from her house.

Picture: Sky view of the far woods today

Paragraph 194: A box in the woods

Paragraph 479: The place where the ferns grow

house of Sadie McKibben

man that wears gray neckties
  The man who wears gray neckties worked at the McKibben Mill and was known for being very kind to animals and children. He gave Opal pens and paper to write her diary with and often looks after her. His real name was George Miller. Picture: George Miller Scene 13: Colored Pencils From the Fairies

Scene 62: The Death of William Shakespeare

Scene 114: Visiting Sadie McKibben and the Man Who Wears Gray Neckties Picture: people working at the McKibben mill in 1905

mill town
  The the mill town is Cottage Grove, Oregon. It can be seen from the hilltops near her house.

Opal calls Cottage Grove the mill town because that is where the railroad takes lumber to the sawmills. Cottage Grove had about 2,000 people in 1905 and today has over 8,000. Opal lived in the tiny community of Walden, about 3 miles east of Cottage Grove. In September, 1905 Opal moved from Walden to Cottage Grove. Her diary ends as they are preparing to move to the mill town.

Picture: Cottage Grove, the mill town

Paragraph 5: The road to Sadie McKibben's house Paragraph 576

Paragraph 576: Making prepares to move to the mill town

  The road runs in front of Opal's grandparent's house. It's real name is Mosby Creek Road.

Opal calls this place where the road goes three ways . It is the intersection of Mosby Creek Road and Layng Road.

Opal's vivid imagination sees Mosby Creek road as going two different directions. One way the road goes west towards Cottage Grove. The other way the road goes is east to her school and the blue hills. Layng Road goes north and onto the upper logging camps and the Bohemia gold mines.

Picture: where the road goes three ways today

Picture: sky view of where the road goes three ways

Paragraph 5: The road to Sadie McKibben's house

Paragraph 6: The road to the school house

Paragraph 9: The road to the upper camps

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