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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

  rain drops

"Opal could hear the patters on the roof very loudly."

Paragraph 351: Example Picture: living in a tent

  the house where the owner of a farm and his family lives

"The ranch house was owned by Opal's grandparents, who also owned the land."

Paragraph 7: other ranch-houses

Picture: Northeast Sky View of Opal's Home

Picture: The ranch house

Picture: Side of the Ranch House


A wood burning stove used to cook and to heat the house.

"It was cold in the morning because the fire in the stove had gone out. "

The little house where Opal and her family lived did not have electricity or running water. Their only heat was from the wood burning cook stove.

Picture: Wood buring stove     

Paragraph 29: cooking on the stove     

Paragraph 183: making the room warm     

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