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for The Diary of Opal Whiteley

beautiful mountains
  The beautiful mountains are near the lumber camp Opal's family moved from.

Before Opal moved to Cottage Grove she lived in Wendling, Oregon (1902 - 1903) near the present day site of Marcola Oregon.

Picture: the other logging camp in the beautiful mountains

Paragraph 1: The house in the blue mountains

  The grandpa was Opal's maternal grandfather, Leonidas Constantine Scott (b. 1851 - d.1944).

He owned the farm in Walden where Opal's family lived. He lived in the ranch-house.

Paragraph 74: Making potato piles Paragraph 1: the ranch-house Picture: Grandpa's ranch-house

house we do live in
  Opal's house is between the singing creek and her grandparent's house.

Opal lives in a very small wooden house with one room divided into two by a quilt. It is also called a lumber shanty

These little houses were moved to different logging camps using the railroad. The entire house was pulled up on railroad cars and moved to the next work camp.

Picture: Sky view of the farm

Paragraph 1: The house on the edge of the near woods

Paragraph 3: The lumber shanty

little people
  elves and fairies

"Opal believes that there are many little people that live in the woods."

Paragraph 45: yellow jacket as fairies

Scene 13: The moss box in the woods

Paragraph 255: man with gray neckties believes in fairies

Scene 114: handwriting of man who wears grey neckties

logging camp
  Opal's first home is Oregon was a logging camp near Marcola, Oregon.

The other logging camp was called Wendling and employed nearly 900 people doing logging and working in the saw mill. Opal lived for 18 months in Wendling. her family moved to Cottage Grove in December, 1903.

Picture: Wendling, Oregon

Paragraph 1: The logging Camp

near woods
  The near woods is the forest just behind Opal's house.

Opal names this forest the near woods because it is close to her home. Also in the near wood are Opal's cathedral, the nursery and the hospital.

Paragraph 1The house on the edge of the near woods

Paragraph 68: Looking for the fairies

  The house where the owner of a farm and his family lives.

"The ranch house was owned by Opal's grandparents, who also owned the land."

Paragraph 7: other ranch-houses

Picture: Northeast Sky View of Opal's Home

Picture: The ranch house

Picture: Side of the Ranch House

the folks
  Opal means her parents, Charles Edward Whiteley (b.1870 - d. 1938) and Elizabeth Scott Whiteley (b.1874 - d. 1917). This photo was taken at their marriage in 1895. Opal did not believe that they were her real parents. She believed her real parents were dead. She calls them "Angel Mother" and "Angel Father". PIcture: Ed and Elizabeth Whiteley, 1895

  a wooden four wheeled horse drawn carriage used to transport goods and people

"Opal's family moved to the new town in a wagon."

Opal's family traveled in a horse drawn wagon from Wendling to Cottage Grove- a distance of about 40 miles.

Paragraph 236: Example

Picture: moving day

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