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Chapter 31
How Lola Wears her White Silk Dress at Last

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  Lola has got her white silk dress that she did have so much wants for, and it has a little ruffle around the neck and one around each sleeve like she had wants for it to have. It is nice she is a great lady now. She so did say at school she would be a great lady when she did have her white silk dress on. And, too, at school she did say the children would gather around her and sing, and they did. And she did say at school, when the children would gather around her and sing when she does have her white silk dress on -- she did say then she would stand up and stretch out her arms and bestow her blessing on all of them like the deacon does to the people in the church in the mill town -- but she didn't. She didn't even raise up her hands. She stayed asleep in that long box the whole time the children was marching around her and singing "Nearer My God to Thee," and more songs. She did just lay there in that long box with her white silk dress on and her eyes shut and her hands folded and she was very still all the time. 487 }
  Her sister did cry. I did walk up to her and touch her hand where she did sit in the rocking chair. I did have asks if it was a white silk dress she was having wants for, too. And she patted my hand and I told her maybe she would get a white silk dress soon too, and how nice it was Lola did have hers, what she had wants for -- and the ruffles in its neck and sleeves. And Lola's sister did pat me on the head and went out to her kitchen, and I did go out of doors again. 488 }
  And there was Brave Horatius by the steps, and I saw a yellow butterfly and a little way away there was a mud-puddle. By the mud-puddle was a guÍpe. She came. She went. Every time she did come she did take a bit of mud. I did watch. When she was gone away, a little hole was where she did take the mud. She did make comes again. It was for mud she did come every time. Last time I did follow after. It was a difficulty the following after. She was so little a person and the way she did go, it was a quick way. And I had seeing she was making a cradle of mud for a baby guÍpe to be. 489 }
  Then I went a little way back. I saw a white butterfly. I have wonders if Lola will wear her white silk dress to school when fall time is come. I saw one more white butterfly. I looked more looks about. Among the grasses on a little bush there was a katydid. And its green was a pretty green-ness. Its wings, they were folded close. And it was washing its front feet. I have thinks katydids do keep their feet most clean. They do wash them again and more times. I so do like to keep watches of the way the katydid does clean its face with its front foot. I have thinks to be a katydid would be an interest life. 490 }
  Brave Horatius and me look looks away. We did see the little pond. We went goes to it. Little white fleurs were along the way. I have wonders if Lola will wear her white dress when at school they do play London Bridge is falling down. When we was come to the little pond I lay myself down close to its edge. I did look looks into the pond. I saw things there. There were sky-clouds in the water. I saw a crayfish come from under a rock. I saw minnows all about. First they were still. Then they made moves about. I saw a little cradle of tiny stones. It was about an inch long. While I did look looks at it, it walked off. Then me and Brave Horatius did go on explores to the near woods . 491 }

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