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Chapter 24
How the Mamma's Wish Came True, and how Opal was Spankedfor it, and of the Likes which Aphrodite Had for a Clean Place to Live in

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  In the morning of today, before I did eat my bowl of mush and milk for breakfast, I did go to the cathedral to say thank prayers for the good works of Leonardo da Vinci, for this is the day of his going away in 1519. When after-breakfast works was done, the mamma did have me to churn . While I did make the handle with the cross sticks on it go up and down in the churn, I did have hearing of the little glad songs all the fleurs were singing out in the field. When the butter was come, the mamma did take it out the churn. She put all the little yellow lumps in a wood bowl. Then she gave to them pats and more pats. When she got through patting the butter into its proper form, the mamma did throw the butter-paddle over on the cook-table. She said she hoped and wished that she would never see that butter-paddle again. 395 }
  She won't. After I heard her say that, I floated it away in the creek. It made a nice boat. It did sail along in a bobby way. I took Solomon Grundy with me. I just let him dabble his toes. When he is an older pig, he can wade right out into the creek with me. His eyes did look bright today while I was telling him what we was going to do when he got to be a bigger pig. When I was come back to the house we live in , the mamma did spank me. Then she did send me to get that butter-paddle in a hurry. It was making bobs by the reeds by the old rail fence where the singing creek goes under and on. I brought it back to her and then she did take and spank me again. Now I have wonders about things the mamma did say she wished she would never see it again. 396 }
  After I did mind the baby and sleeps was come upon it, then I did walk into the garden. I went there to find out how much things had grown since last time I was there. First I pulled up a bean plant. It looked a little more big -- the two peek-a-boo leaves did. After I looked close looks at it, I did plant it again. Then I pulled up a radish. It was doing nicely and I ate it. I forgot to give it close looks before I put it in my mouth to see how much it did grow since that last time. After I swallowed it, I pulled up another radish to find out. It was doing well. I put it back in the garden again and I went to the house and got it a drink of buttermilk . I carried it out to it in the papa's shaving-mug . There was more drink than one radish needs, so I did give four onions and two more radishes sips of buttermilk. And I did give to the papa's shaving mug some washes in the brook, and I put it back in its place on the shelf again. 397 }
  Just then the mamma had comes into the house. And there was more spanks. The back part of me does feel sore feels. I have thinks I will go and give geology lectures to the folks in the nursery . And too, I will sing them lullaby songs, and the bird and fleur chant de fête de grandpère of niverolle and ortolan and verdier and étourneau and nenufar and éclaire and ulmaire and fraxinelle. 398 }
  I so have gone goes, and the folks in the nursery was glad for food and songs. And afterwards I went more on into the woods. There was little whispers among the leaves. And there was a song in the tall fir tree tops. And a pine tree was saying a poem. I listened listens. Then I went goes on. I saw a man coming. He did take long steps. When he was nearer come, I had seeing it was the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice. I did go adown the path in a more quick way. He did have seeing of my coming. Then I did hide behind a tree. He came on. When he was near the tree he did say, " I thought I saw someone coming. Guess I was mistaken. I think I'll take these splints for the hospital back to the mill ." 399 }
  When I did hear him say that, I ran in a quick way back to the path. He didn't see me. He was looking long looks away. Then I did give his coat-sleeve a gentle pull, and he did whistle, and he did ask me if there was needs for splints at the hospital . And I told him all in one breath how much needs there was. He had me to tell him all over again about the little chicken that did have its leg hurt. And I gave him explanations how it was Sir Francis Bacon did have his leg hurt in a real bad way, and the big folks was going to kill him, but they gave him to me for my very own because he wasn't any good any more. 400 }
  And the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice did have understanding , and he went goes with me to the hospital that I do have for little hurt folks, at Saint-Germain-en-Laye. While I did hold little Sir Francis Bacon , the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice did fix the splints on his hurt leg in a gentle way. Then I did pray prayers for his getting well soon. Brave Horatius did bark Amen -- and one of the most tall pine trees was saying a poem. 401 }
  After morning's works was done I was washing out clothes for the baby . I thought what a nice christening robe one of the baby's dresses would make for one of the new baby pigs. The mamma had not thoughts that way. When the dress was on the line, I did go by the chicken-yard to have sees how the children of Minerva are growing. Pius VII is getting some tail-feathers. He comes to feed from my hand every day, and he likes to go to school in my little basket. He has not been for a whole week now, because the last time I took him he peeped and teacher sent us home. Next day I took Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher , and they was quiet. 402 }
  Last time I took them to cathedral service Ben Jonson pecked Sir Walter Raleigh on the head. I said prayers over them for peace between them. Then I put one in a little box on one log and I put the other one in a little box on the other log. The boxes was alike. Today I had sees of these two drinking out of the water-pan together. Peace was between them. She is a nice mother-hen that has got all her children growed up. And little Edmund Spenser was scratching for a worm near his little brown brother Oliver Goldsmith . And all Minerva's family was growing well. 403 }
  I felt satisfaction feels about it, and I sat down on a log to pick out names for the twins I am going to have when I grow up. I picked out a goodly number of names but I could not have decides which ones. I had thinks I would wait a little time, and I had remembers it was time for me to be making another portrait of Solomon Grundy . So I went around by the pig-pen to get Solomon Grundy. I said comfort words to Aphrodite . I told her how it was I was just taking Solomon Grundy to make a portrait of him and as how I was going to make it in the same way and in the same place as I did make her portrait quite a time ago. She grunted a short grunt and then a long grunt. Sometimes it is difficult to understand pig-talk . But her next grunt -- it was very plain. It was just an invitation to make Solomon Grundy's portrait there by her side, and no needs of taking him out of the pig-pen. 404 }
  I told her yes, I would make his portrait right there by her. And I did bring many brown bracken ferns after I did have the pig-pen cleaned out. Most every day I do give the pig-pen a rake-out, and bring some clean dirt from the garden. I have thinks pigs do have likes for clean places to live in. It brings more inspirations to their souls. And, too, every day Aphrodite does have likes for her feeding-trough to be scrubbed clean all over. And I have planted ferns and flours all around her pigpen. It is a very nice place, with sweet smells of grass and fleurs. And Aphrodite was glad for the brushing I did give her today. 405 }
  I've got a brush -- a nice new brush -- a good new brush. It is for to brush my pig friends. They so do need brushings. This new brush the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice did get for me last time he did go to the mill town . The pigs do like the feels the new brush does make upon their backs. The clean feels it does give to them are pleasant to their souls. 406 }
  After I did give her the brushing, I did get moss and cover the clean feed-trough with it. That made a nice place to sit and draw Solomon Grundy's portrait by his mother there. I drew him lying by her side. Then I had him to stand on his feet, and I drew one of him that way. I had it almost done. There was a little noise. It was the step of someone going by. I had not knows who it was. I went on drawing Solomon Grundy's ears and his curly tail. Then I had knows what it was. It was that chore boy come to feed the pigs and he poured all that bucket of swill on top the moss and Solomon Grundy's portrait and me. 407 }
  The feels I did feel -- they was drippy ones. And I did have decides to make that other portrait of Solomon Grundy another time. I said good-bye to Aphrodite . Then I went goes in a quick way to the singing creek where the willows grow, to get the swill-smells off. First I did wade out a little way. Then I sat down. The water came in a nice way up to my neck, and it went singing on. I gave my curls wash-offs, and I did listen to the song the creek was singing as it did go by. It was a song of the hills. Being up to my neck made the water sounds very near to my ears. I had likes for that. 408 }
  By-and-by I did have feels that I was clean again and I did have thinks I better go get some dry clothes on, because sitting there in the singing creek did make my clothes some wet. When I was come to the house we live in , the mamma was gone to the house of Elsie , so I did go in. First I did give my clothes some wring-outs by the steps, so the water would not leave drips on the kitchen floor, for the mamma has likes to keep her house very clean. 409 }
  When I did have dry clothes on me, I did go to hang the wet ones on bushes in the woods to dry. Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus went with me. Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil rode in one of my apron pockets and Felix Mendelssohn rode in the other one. And Louis II, le Grand Condé , did have rides in my sleeve. We was all very glad. As we went along, I had seeings the strings I have put on the bushes for the birds was gone. We went on and on some more. I did have looks about. I did have seeing of little wood-folks going their ways. I watched their little moves and I had seeing of what color they was. I made stops to tell them about this being the borning day of Linnaeus in 1707, and the going-away day of Georges Cuvier in 1832. 410 }
  We went on. All things was glad. The winds did sing. The leaves did sing. The grasses talked in whispers all along the way. I have thinks they were saying, "Petite Françoise , l'été approche -- l'été approche." I did have hearings to all they were so saying, as I did go along. And the little birdlings in their cradles were calling for more to eat. And I did make a stop to watch the motherbirds and fatherbirds in their comings and goings. Now are busy times. 411 }

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