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Chapter 23
How Opal and Brave Horatius Go on Explores and Visit the Hospital -- How the Mamma Dyes Clothes and Opal Dyes Clementine

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Follow One Character My legs do feel some tired this eventime . I've been most everywhere today. I so have been going to tell the plant-folks and the flower-folks and the birds about this day being the going-away day of one William Shakespeare in 1616. Before yet breakfast-time was come, I did go to the cathedral to say prayers of thanks for all the writings he did write. With me did go Brave Horatius and Lars Porsena of Clusium and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus and Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil . 379 }
  When we were come again to the house, they did wait waits while I did go to do the morning works. After the morning works were done, I did put pieces of bread and butter in papers in my pockets for all of us. I put some milk in the bottle for Menander Euripides Theocritus Thucydides . He was waiting waits for me by the pasture-bars. He is a most woolly lamb. He was glad for his breakfast and he was glad to have knows about this day. While I was telling them all there what day this is, Plutarch Demosthenes made a little jump onto a little stump. He looked a look about and made a jump-off. Sophocles Diogenes came a-following after. They both did make some more jumps. Their ways are ways of playfulness. They are dear lambs. 380 }
  While I was telling them all, Menander Euripides Theocritus Thucydides did in some way get the nipple off his bottle, and the rest of the milk did spill itself out the bottle. I hid the bottle away by a rock. Menander Euripides Theocritus Thucydides did follow me after. He does follow me many wheres I do go to. We went all on. We saw fleurs and I did stop moments to have talks with them. I looked for other flours that I had longs to see. Everywhere that we did go I did look looks for teverin and yellow éclaire and pink mahonille and mauve and morgeline. When Brave Horatius had askings in his eyes for what I was looking, I did give to him explanations . He looked looks back at me from his gentle eyes. In his looks he did say, they are not hereabout . 381 }
  We went on. We went to forêt d'Ermenonville and forêt de Chantilly. We went adown Lounette to where it flows into Nonette -- and we went on. Everywhere there were little whisperings of earth-voices . They all did say of the writes of William Shakespeare . And there were more talkings. I lay my ear close to the earth where the grasses grew close together. I did listen. The wind made ripples on the grass as it went over. There were voices from out the earth. And the things of their saying were the things of gladness of growing. And there was music. And in the music there was sky-twinkles and earth-tinkles . That was come of the joy of living. I have thinks all the grasses growing there did feel glad feels from the tips of their green arms to their toe roots in the ground. 382 }
  And Brave Horatius and the rest of us didn't get home until after supper-time. The folks was gone to the house of Elsie . I made a hunt for some supper for Brave Horatius. I found some and put it in his special dish. Then I came again into the house to get some bread and milk. There was a jar of blackberry jam on the cook-table. It had interest looks. Just when I happened to be having all my fingers in the jar of blackberry-jam, there was rumblings of distress come from the back yard. I climbed onto the flour barrel and looked a look out the window. There near unto my chum's special supper-dish sat the pet crow with top-heavy appears . There was reasons for his forlorn looks, for Brave Horatius had advanced to the rear of Lars Porsena of Clusium and pulled out his tail-feathers. 383 }
  I have had no case like this before. I felt disturbs. I had not knowings what to do for it. I had some bandages and some mentholatum in my pocket. I took Lars Porsena of Clusium -- all that was left of him with his tail-feathers gone -- and I sat down on the steps. First I took some mentholatum and put it on a piece of bandage. I put the piece of bandage onto Lars Porsena of Clusium where his tail-feathers did come out. Then I did take the long white bandage in the middle, and I did wrap it about Lars Porsena of Clusium from back to front--in under his wings and twice on top, so the bandage would stay in place on the end of him where his tail-feathers came out. 384 }
  Then I did make a start to the hospital . I did have wonders how long the needs would be for Lars Porsena of Clusium to be there before his tail would grow well again. I only did have going a little way when I did meet with the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice. He looked a look at me and he looked a look at Lars Porsena of Clusium in my arms. Then he did have askings why was it Lars Porsena was in bandages. I told him explanations all about it. He pondered on the matter. Then he picked me and Lars Porsena up and set us down on a stump. He told me there was no needs for me to have wonders about how long the need would be for Lars Porsena of Clusium to be in the hospital with bandages on him. He did talk on in his gentle way of how it is birds that do lose their tail-feathers do grow them on again. He so said and I did have understanding . 385 }
  Then he did take up Lars Porsena of Clusium in his arms. And he unwrapped him from front to back and back to Font. When the bandage was all off him, Lars Porsena of Clusium did give himself a stretch and his wings a little shake. And I said a little prayer for his getting well and a new tail soon. And the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice said Amen. Then we came home. 386 }
  Today was dyeing day. The mamma dyed. She dyed clothes--old ones. First she washed them in the tub. Then she put them in the boiler on the stove . In the boiler was beautiful blue water. I know because I climbed on the stove-hearth and peeked in. The mamma didn't make this water blue with balls like she does the rench water for the clothes on wash-days. She made this water blue with stuff out of an envelope. I had sees of her tear its corner off, and the blue little specks came out of that envelope in a quick way. The specks so did come in a more hurry way when she did give the envelope some shakes. All the clothes the mamma did carry from the wash-tub to the boiler—all those clothes was blue when she took them out; and afterwards the blue was yet with them and they hung upon the line. I see them quiver blue quivers when the wind blows. 387 }
  After she did hang them there on the line, the mamma did leave the boiler of dye-blue water on the stove . And she is gone goes to the house of her mother by the meeting of the roads . She told me to watch the house and let the fire go out. It so is gone a long time ago, and I keep watch. The blue water in the boiler has cold feels now. I stood upon the stove and I put my arm way down in it, and it was coldness. First I did only touch touches on the water with my finger. It was warmness then. That was just when the mamma did go. 388 }
  She is hours and hours gone now. I have been keeping watches of the house like she did say for me to do when she went away. And in-between times I have been reading reads in the books Angel Mother and Angel Father did write in. I have been screwtineyesing the spell of words. Now I am going to have dyeing day like the mamma did have on this morning. It is so much of fun to lift things up and down in blue water. On wash-days the mamma has me to do it much. She calls it renching the clothes . When it's blue water in a boiler, it's dyeing them. 389 }
  I have been dyeing like the mamma dyed this morning. First I did dye the mamma's bag of blueing balls . That bag was getting pale looks. Next I did dip in the mamma's clothes-pin bag. It was brownness before. I have not sure feels yet what color it is going to be since it has had its dye. I took all the clothes-pins out first. Then I did give them all a dip. They did bob about in a funny way. I made whirls in the dye-blue water with my fingers, so the clothespins would make some more bobs. It was very nice, standing there on top the cook-stove watching the bobs they made in the boiler. 390 }
  Then I made a start to dye handles. First I dipped in the butcher-knife handle. Then I did give the dipper-handle a dip, I had carefuls to make it go only half-way. Then I did give the handle of the potato-masher a dip. And I gave the hammer-handle a dip in the dye-blue water. 391 }
  Clementine came in a walk up step on the back porch. She looked a look in. She is such a friendly Plymouth Rock hen . She walked right into our house and came in a hop up by the dye-blue water. She so does like my blue calico apron. She hops up on my knee when I sit down to talk to the chickens in the chicken park. I had thinks being as she has likes for my blue calico apron she would have likes for blue feathers; so I did give her a gentle dip in the dye-blue water and two more. She walked right out our front door without even a thank chuckle. I never had knows of her to do so before. The dye-blue water was waiting waits. 392 }
  Next I dipped the Plymouth Rock rooster in. He did object to being dyed blue. He was quite fidgety. I had decides not to coax any more folks from the chicken yard to get dyed blue feathers. I looked looks about the house we live in . I had seeing of a box of matches the mamma did leave on a chair in the bedroom. The mamma has said I mustn't touch a box of matches on the cupboard shelf. And I don't. But she didnt say I mustn't touch them when she leaves them on a chair. So I have took the box of matches and it has had its dip. It has a limp feel. I have put it on the back steps to get its form again. And all the matches that was in the box have had their dips in the dye-blue water. I have laid them in rows on the grass to have a dry. 393 }
  And now I do have thinks how nice it will be on next time when dyeing day is come if the mamma does have seeing as how I could be helps--being as I now do have so much knowing of the ways of dyeing. I have thinks a big amount of helps I could be. Now while the things I have dyed do dry, I am going goes to the cathedral to have a long service there, for this is the borning day of Saint Louis in 1215. And many wheres there is needs for me to go to tell the plant-folk all about this being the day of his borning. And too it is the borning day of Oliver Cromwell in 1599, and the borning day of Padre Martini in 1706, and it is the going-away day of Torquato Tasso in 1595. The winds sing of these. And the great pine tree is saying a poem about this day. 394 }

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