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Chapter 19
Of the Camp by the Mill by the Far Woods; of the Spanking that Came from the New Way of Mending Clothes; and of the Long Sleep of William Shakespeare

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  The papa is again come home from one of the upper camps -- one of those by the rivière . I had seeing of him when I went to look for Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil under the front step. He said he was going to make early garden. He said he thought he would set some onions out and plant some radishes and some seeds that will grow into lettuce. I did make a stop to help him. He said for me to carry off the rocks where he did make spade-ups . I did. I picked up the rocks in a quick way. I carried them a little way away by the brook. When summertime is come, I have thinks I will put them in the brook with some more to make the brook have more wideness. And the man of the long step that whistles most all of the time has made me a waterwheel to go rounds in the brook when summertime is come. 298 }
  The time it took to pick up those rocks -- it was a time long. I did like to do it. I had thinks it would be of helps to the papa . After they was all picked up and carried over by the brook, I did go to the papa to see what more helps I could be. He was talking with the husband of Elsie . When I did ask him what helps I could be, he told me to run away from there - - he wanted to talk. 299 }
  I so did. I got Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus , and we went to the woods. Brave Horatius did come a-following after. And Louis II, le Grand Condé , did ride in the sleeve of my warm red dress. As we did go along, the leaves of salal did make little rustles. They were little askings. They had wants to know what day this was. I made stops along the way to tell them it was the going-away day of Gentile Bellini in 1507 and Sir Joshua Reynolds in 1792 and John Keats in 1821 and the borning day of George Frederick Handel in 1685. I have thinks they and the tall fir trees were glad to know. 300 }
Follow One Character Brave Horatius barked a bark and we went on. He looked a look back to see if we was coming. Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus did cuddle up more close in my arms. We saw six birds and I did sing to Brave Horatius the bird song of grandpère ; of roitelet and ortolan and bruant and étourneau and rossignol and tourterelle and durbec and orfraie and roussette and loriot and nonnette and sarcelle and draine and épeiche and cygne and hirondelle and aigle and ramier and tarin and rousserolle and émerillon and sittelle. Brave Horatius and William Shakespeare do have likes for that song. Sometimes I do sing it to them four times a day. 301 }
  We all did go on until we were come near to where were two men of the mill by the far woods . They were making divides of a very large log. They were making it to be many short logs. There was a big saw going moves between. One man did push it and one man did pull it. I went on. I did look a look back. I had sees there was a tall fern growing by the foot of one man, and he did have his new overalls cut off where they do meet the boots. I wonder why it is the lumbercamp folk do cut off their overalls where they do meet the boots. When they so cut them, they get fringy -- and such fringes are more long than other fringes. I wonder why it is they so cut them so. It maybe is because they so want fringes about the edge of the legs of their overalls. I would have prefers for ruffles. 302 }
  We did go on. We went a little way on, and we had sees of more folks of the camp by the mill by the far woods . I did make a climb upon an old treeroot to have sees of them at work. Brave Horatius made a jump up, and he came in a walk over to where me and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus were sitting. We had seeing of them all working. I have thinks the folks that live in the lumber camps -- they are kindly folk. When they come home from work at eventime , I do so like to sit on a stump and watch them go by. They come in twos and threes. They do carry their dinner-pails in their hands. And some do whistle as they come. And some do talk. 303 }
NEEDS CORRECT PARAGRAPH TITLE And some that do see me sitting on the stump do come aside and give to me the scraps in their dinner-pails . Some have knowing of the needs I do have for scraps in the nursery and the hospital . And too, when they come home from work in the far woods , the men do bring bits of moss and nice velvet caterpillars and little rocks. Some do. And these they give to me for my nature collections. And I feel joy feels all over. Brave Horatius does bark joy barks. He does know and I do know the folks that live in the lumber camps they are kindly folks. 304 }
  Morning is glad on the hills. I hear a song like unto the song of the verdier The sky sings in blue tones. The earth sings in green. I am so happy. The mamma is gone for a visit away. Before her going she did set me to mind the baby . I do so. In between times I print, and I do spell over and over the words in my two books Angel Father and Angel Mother did make. I sing-song the letters of the words when I go adown the road . So I do when I am in the house when the mamma isn't at home. I do not so when she is at home, because she won't let me. 305 }
  Now Elizabeth Barrett Browning is calling me out in the pasture. I expect she wants an apple or a sugar-lump. But I cannot have goes out there to the pasture because the mamma did say for me to mind the baby and mind the house. I sing to the baby words out of the two books and the song about Iraouaddy and the bird-song of grandpère . 306 }
NEEDS CORRECT PARAGRAPH TITLE And I have minded the house as the mamma did say for me to do. First I swept the floors in a careful way. The broom made bobby moves . That broom in my hands makes not moves like the moves it does make in the hands of the mamma. It has so much of tallness. I look looks up its handle. And afterwards I did the windows a wash up and down with a cloth that did have bon ami on it. When the windows do get dirt on there it is quite a worry on the mamma's mind. She so likes to have all things clean. I have thinks maybe she will have some glad feels way down in her heart where one cannot see them when she is come home and has seeing of the windows made clean. 307 }
  And more helps I have done. Most every week there is patches to fix on clothes that have needs of them. Patching is quite a worry on the mamma 's mind. It will be so no more. I have found a better way. While she was gone away today I did get all the week's patching done. First I began on the papa's undershirt. It needed a big patch on the elbow. The mamma had cut out the patch and pinned it there on the sleeve near unto the hole. I patched it on with china-mending glue guaranteed to stick. 308 }
  Then I did do all the other patching that was in the basket. It did take most all the china-mending glue. When I did see it was most all gone, I did have remembers of that kettle that I have heard the mamma say she has wishes its lid would stick on tight. It is always a-coming off. I did fix that lid on that kettle so it will stay as tight as the mamma has wishes for it to. And then I did put the bottle that used to be full of china-mending glue back in its place on the lamp-shelf. 309 }
  the baby had wake-ups and I did sing it to sleep. When sleeps was come upon the baby, the mamma did come in the door. First she went to look upon her dear baby sleeping there on the bed. She said now she was going to mend those two mush-dishes. And she got the pieces of them from the cupboard. She put them on the cook-table. And then the mamma went to get the china-mending glue guaranteed to stick. There was none in the bottle. I knew where it was gone. The mamma knew too. After she did spank for some long time, she did ask me what I did with all that glue. It took quite some time to tell her about Elsie's baby's bottle that she had wishes for the nipple to stick on tight, and about all the patches the china-mending glue did fix, and all the other things that it did fix. 310 }
  When I got to the end she did spank me again. She said that was to be good on. Now I do think it was real kind of her to tell me what that last spanking was for. Most times I don't know what I get spanked for. And I do like to know, because if I did have knows what I was spanked for, I'd be real careful about doing what it was again, if it was not helping folks of the fields and woods. I have to do that no matter how many spanks I do get for it. But there is so much joy in the woods and does help spank feels to hurt not so much. Now I think I will go feed the folks in the nursery , and then I will go to have vesper service in the cathedral . 311 }
Follow One Character Most all this afternoon-time I have been out in the field -- the one that is nearest unto the woods. I have been having talks with William Shakespeare . Today he is not working in the woods with the other horses. He is having a rest-day. He was laying down near unto one of the altars I have builded for Saint Louis. He did lay there all the afternoon. Tiredness was upon him. I gave his nose rubs, and his neck and ears, too. And I did tell him poems and sing him songs. He has likes for me to so do. After I did sing him more, sleeps did come upon him. The breaths he did breathe while he was going to sleep, they were such long breaths. And I gave unto him more pats on the nose and pats on the neck. We are chums -- William Shakespeare and me. This evening I will come again to wake him. I'll come just before suppertime, so he may go in with the other horses to eat his supper in the barn. 312 }
  I did. Sleeps was yet upon him. He looked so tired lying there. I went up to pet his front leg, but it was stiff. I petted him on the nose -- and his nose it was so cold. I called him, but he did not answer. I said again, " William Shakespeare , don't you hear me calling?" but he did not answer. I have thinks he is having a long rest so he will have ready feels to pull the heavy poles on tomorrow. I now go goes to tell the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice about William Shakespeare having all this rest-day and how he has sleeps in the field with the pink ribbon around his neck that the fairies did bring. Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus is going goes with me. We will wait on the stump by that path he does follow when he comes home from work at eventime . 313 }
  We are come back. The man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice did go with us to see William Shakespeare having his long sleep there in the field by the altar of Saint Louis. Now I do have understanding . My dear William Shakespeare will no more have wake-ups again. Rob Ryder cannot give him whippings no more. He has gone to a long sleep - - a very long sleep. He just had goes because tired feels was upon him. I have so lonesome feels for him, but I am glad that Rob Ryder cannot whip him now no more. I have covered him over with leaves. To find enough, I went to the far end of the near woods . I gathered them into my apron. Sometimes I could hardly see my way because I just could not keep from crying. I have such lonesome feels. William Shakespeare did have an understanding soul . And I have knows his soul will not have forgets of the willows by the singing creek . Often I will leave a message there on a leaf for him. I have thinks his soul is not far gone away. There are little blue fleurs a-blooming where he did lay him down to sleep. 314 }

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