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Scene 96
No More Oil

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  On yesterday the coffee-pot tipped over on Harold . He had pains -- worse than when the baby has colic . Elsie puts oil on him. When she puts the oil on him, some of his cries go under the floor and we do not hear them any more. I feel I have needs of that oil in my hospital . Three times on this morning I have been on goes to the house of Elsie to have asks if he is growing well. She says his feels are better -- the oil does make them so. And I yet have more thinks then there is needs of oil like that oil in my hospital.
  When I was coming back from the house of Elsie I did look looks about as I did go along. I saw a piece of bark. I did turn it over with care. There were ants. I made a set-down to watch them. Some ants did carry bundles with queer looks. Big Jud at school says they are ant eggs. I have not thinks so. They be too big for ant eggs and I have remembers that Angel Father did call them nymphes de fourmis.
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