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Scene 93
Cathedral Service in the Pig Pen

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  In the morning of today, being as I could not get the fence down about the pig-pen so Aphrodite could get out to go to service in the cathedral , I did have decides to have cathedral service in the pig-pen.
  I brought large pieces of moss and lovely ferns. I got a wood box so Brave Horatius could get in. After he was in the pig-pen , I did use the box for an altar. I lay moss upon it and ferns about it. While I was fixing it Lars Porsena did perch on my shoulder and he stayed there for service. Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus nestled by my side. Solomon Grundy and Anthonya Mundy , who hasn't as much curl in her tail as Solomon Grundy -- these lay by their mother Aphrodite and me and all the other little pigs. I sat on a board and Clementine did perch on the edge of the feeding-trough. In its middle was her sister hen Andromeda . Felix Mendelssohn did snuggle up in my right apron pocket. And in the left apron pocket was that lovely toad, Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil .
  After some long time, when we all did get settled down to quietness, I did start service. It took a long time to get quietness because the dear folks were not used to having cathedral service in the pig-pen . After the third hymn I did preach the morning sermon. I did choose for my text "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills." I had to peek through the pig-pen fence to do it, for it did have more tallness than I did have. I lifted most all the congregation up to have a peek. I did lid them one at a time. And so they saw and lifted up their eyes unto the hills, but most of them didn't. They looked in different ways. Some saw God's goodness in the grass and some did see it in the trees, and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus did not have seeing for more than for the piece of cheese I did have hid in my sleeve for him. He gave his cheese squeak. I gave him a nibble. Then we had prayers.
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