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Scene 87
A Portrait of Solomon Grundy

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  I felt satisfaction feels about it, and I sat down on a log to pick out names for the twins I am going to have when I grow up. I picked out a goodly number of names but I could not have decides which ones. I had thinks I would wait a little time, and I had remembers it was time for me to be making another portrait of Solomon Grundy . So I went around by the pig-pen to get Solomon Grundy. I said comfort words to Aphrodite . I told her how it was I was just taking Solomon Grundy to make a portrait of him and as how I was going to make it in the same way and in the same place as I did make her portrait quite a time ago. She grunted a short grunt and then a long grunt. Sometimes it is difficult to understand pig-talk . But her next grunt -- it was very plain. It was just an invitation to make Solomon Grundy's portrait there by her side, and no needs of taking him out of the pig-pen.
  I told her yes, I would make his portrait right there by her. And I did bring many brown bracken ferns after I did have the pig-pen cleaned out. Most every day I do give the pig-pen a rake-out, and bring some clean dirt from the garden. I have thinks pigs do have likes for clean places to live in. It brings more inspirations to their souls. And, too, every day Aphrodite does have likes for her feeding-trough to be scrubbed clean all over. And I have planted ferns and flours all around her pigpen. It is a very nice place, with sweet smells of grass and fleurs. And Aphrodite was glad for the brushing I did give her today.
  I've got a brush -- a nice new brush -- a good new brush. It is for to brush my pig friends. They so do need brushings. This new brush the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice did get for me last time he did go to the mill town . The pigs do like the feels the new brush does make upon their backs. The clean feels it does give to them are pleasant to their souls.
  After I did give her the brushing, I did get moss and cover the clean feed-trough with it. That made a nice place to sit and draw Solomon Grundy's portrait by his mother there. I drew him lying by her side. Then I had him to stand on his feet, and I drew one of him that way. I had it almost done. There was a little noise. It was the step of someone going by. I had not knows who it was. I went on drawing Solomon Grundy's ears and his curly tail. Then I had knows what it was. It was that chore boy come to feed the pigs and he poured all that bucket of swill on top the moss and Solomon Grundy's portrait and me.
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