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Scene 81
Dyeing day for the mamma

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  Today was dyeing day. The mamma dyed. She dyed clothes--old ones. First she washed them in the tub. Then she put them in the boiler on the stove . In the boiler was beautiful blue water. I know because I climbed on the stove-hearth and peeked in. The mamma didn't make this water blue with balls like she does the rench water for the clothes on wash-days. She made this water blue with stuff out of an envelope. I had sees of her tear its corner off, and the blue little specks came out of that envelope in a quick way. The specks so did come in a more hurry way when she did give the envelope some shakes. All the clothes the mamma did carry from the wash-tub to the boiler—all those clothes was blue when she took them out; and afterwards the blue was yet with them and they hung upon the line. I see them quiver blue quivers when the wind blows.
  After she did hang them there on the line, the mamma did leave the boiler of dye-blue water on the stove . And she is gone goes to the house of her mother by the meeting of the roads . She told me to watch the house and let the fire go out. It so is gone a long time ago, and I keep watch. The blue water in the boiler has cold feels now. I stood upon the stove and I put my arm way down in it, and it was coldness. First I did only touch touches on the water with my finger. It was warmness then. That was just when the mamma did go.
  She is hours and hours gone now. I have been keeping watches of the house like she did say for me to do when she went away. And in-between times I have been reading reads in the books Angel Mother and Angel Father did write in. I have been screwtineyesing the spell of words. Now I am going to have dyeing day like the mamma did have on this morning. It is so much of fun to lift things up and down in blue water. On wash-days the mamma has me to do it much. She calls it renching the clothes . When it's blue water in a boiler, it's dyeing them.
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