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Scene 8
Peter Paul Rubens Goes to School

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Follow One Character Animal Pictures In the morning of today, when I was come part way to school , when I was come to the ending of the lane , I met a glad surprise. There was my dear pet pig awaiting for me. I gave him joy pats pats on the nose, and I did call him by name ten times. I was so glad to see him. Being as I got a late start to school, I didn't have enough time to go around by the pig-pen for our morning talk. And there he was awaiting for me, at the ending of the lane. And his name it is Peter Paul Rubens . His name is that because the first day I saw him was on the twenty-ninth of June.
  He was little then -- a very plump young pig with a little red ribbon squeal and a wanting to go everywhere I did go. Sometimes he would squeal and I wouldn't go to find out what he wanted. Then one day, when his nose was sore, he did give such an odd pain squeal. Of course I run a quick run to help him. After that, when he had a chance he would come to the kitchen door and give that same squeal. That Peter Paul Rubens seemed to know that was the only one of all his squeals that would bring me at once to where he was.
  And this morning when I did start on to school , he gave that same squeal and came a-following after. When he was caught up with me he gave a grunt, and then he gave his little red ribbon squeal . A lump came up in my throat and I couldn't tell him to turn around and go back to the pig-pen . So we just went along to together.
Understanding Invented Words School Pictures When we got there school was already took up . I went in first. The new teacher came back to tell me I was tardy again. She did look out the door. She saw my dear Peter Paul Rubens . She did ask me where that pig came from. I just started in to tell her all about him, from the day I first met him. She did look long looks at me. She did look those looks for a long time. I made pleats in my apron with my fingers. I made nine on one side and three on the other side. When I was through counting the pleats I did make in my apron, I did ask her what she was looking those long looks at me for. She said, "I'm screwtineyesing you." I never did hear that word before. It is a new word. It does have an interest sound. I think I will have uses for it. Now when I look long looks at a thing I will print I did screwtineyes it.
  After she did look more long looks at me, she went back to her desk by the blackboard. She did all the sixth grade fiziologie class. I went to my seat. I only sat halfway in it. I so did so I would have seeing of my dear Peter Paul Rubens . He did wait at the steps. He looked long looks toward the door. It wasn't long until he walked right in. I felt such an amount of satisfaction having him at school . teacher felt not so. Now I have wonders about things. I wonder why was it teacher didn't want Peter Paul Rubens coming to school. Why, he did make such a sweet picture as he did stand there in the doorway looking looks about.
  And the grunts he gave, they were such nice ones. He stood there saying "I have come to your school . What class are you going to put me in?" He said in plain grunts the very same words I did say the first day I came to school. The children all turned around in their seats. I'm sure they were glad he was come to school -- and him talking there in that dear way. But I guess our teacher doesn't have understanding of pig-talk . She just came at him in such a hurry with a stick of wood. And when I made interferes , she did send us both home in a quick way.
  We did have a most happy time coming home. We did go on an exploration trip. Before we were gone far, we did have hungry feels. I took the lid off the lard-bucket that my school lunch was in. I did make divides of all my bread and butter . Part I gave to Peter Paul Rubens and he did have appreciations . He did grunt grunts for some more. Pretty soon it was all gone. We did go on.
  We went on to the woods. I did dig up little plants with leaves that do stay green all winter . We saw many beautiful things. Most everything we did see I did explain about it to Peter Paul Rubens . I told him why -- all about why I was digging up so many of the little plants. I did want him to have understanding that I was going to plant them again. When I did have almost forty-five, and it was come near eventime , Brave Horatius and Lars Porsena of Clusium did come to meet us. When I did have forty-five plants we all did go in the way that does lead to the cathedral , for this is the homing day of Girolamo Savonarola . And in the cathedral I did plant little plants as many years as he was old. Forty-five I did so plant. And we had prayers and came home.
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