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Scene 73
Planting Potatoes

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  Today I went not to school . For a long time after breakfast the mamma did have me to cut potatoes into pieces. Tonight and tomorrow night the grown-ups will plant the pieces of potatoes I cut today. Then by-and-by, after some long time, the pieces of potato with eyes on them will have baby potatoes under the ground. Up above the ground they will be growing leaves and flowers. One must leave an eye on every piece of potato one plants in the ground to grow. It won't grow if you don't. It can't see how to grow without its eye.
  All day today I did be careful to leave an eye on every piece. And I did have meditations about what things the eyes of potatoes do see there in the ground. I have thinks they do have seeing of black velvet moles and large earthworms that do get short in a quick way. And potato flowers above the ground do see the doings of the field and maybe they do look away and see the willows that grow by the singing creek . I do wonder if potato plants do have longings to dabble their toes. I have supposes they do just like I do. Being a potato must be interest--specially the having so many eyes. I have longings for more eyes. There is much to see in this world all about. Every day I do see beautiful things everywhere I do go.
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