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Scene 70
Having Cathedral Service in the Barn

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  Today was a very stormy day -- more rainy than other stormy days. So we had cathedral service on the hay in the barn. Mathilde Plantagenet was below us in her stall, and she did moo moos while I did sing the choir-service. Plato and Pliny , the two bats, hung on the rafters in a dark corner. Lars Porsena of Clusium perched on the back of Brave Horatius . Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus sat at my feet and munched leaves while I said prayers. Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil was on my right shoulder, and Louis II, le Grand Condé , was on my left shoulder part oft he time; then he did crawl in my sleeve to have a sleep. Solomon Grundy was asleep by my side in his christening robe , and a sweet picture he was in it. On my other side was his little sister, Anthonya Mundy , who has not got as much curl in her tail as has Solomon Grundy.
  Clementine , the Plymouth Rock hen , was late come to service. She came up from the stall of the gentle Jersey cow just when I was through singing " Hosanna in excelsis." She came and perched on the back of Brave Horatius , back of Lars Porsena of Clusium . Then I said more prayers, and Brave Horatius did bark Amen. When he so did, Clementine tumbled off his back. She came over by me. I had thinks it would be nice if her pretty gray feathers were blue. I gave her a gentle pat and then I did begin the talk service. I did use for my text, "Blessed be the pure in heart, for they shall see God." And all of the time the raindrops did make little joy patters on the roof. They were coming down from the sky in a quick way.
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