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Scene 68
Being Comforted

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  I came here to the barn. I sit here printing. In-between times I stretch out on the hay. I feel tired and sore all over. I wonder for what it was the mamma gave me that spanking. I have tried so hard to help her to-day. Solomon Grundy is grunting here beside me. I went by and got him as I came along. Here on the hay I showed to him the writings in the two books my Angel Father and Angel Mother made for me. These books are such a comfort , and when I have them right along with me, Angel Father and Angel Mother do seem nearer.
Follow One Character I did bow my head and ask my guardian angel to tell them there in heaven about Solomon Grundy being christened today. Then I drew him up closer to my gingham apron and I patted him often. And some of the pats I gave to him were for the lovely Peter Paul Rubens that used to be. And the more pats I gave Solomon Grundy, the closer he snuggled up beside me. Tonight I shall sing to him a lullaby song as I cuddle him up all snowy white in his christening robe , before I take him out to his mother Aphrodite in the pig-pen .
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