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Scene 6
Feeding the Yellowjackets

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  paper-makers share my bread and jam with Yellowjackets, who have a home on the bush by the road , twenty trees and one distant from the garden. Today I climbed upon the old rail fence close to their home with a piece and a half of bread and jam and the half piece for them and the piece for myself. But they all wanted to be served at once, so it became necessary to turn over all bread and jam on hand. I broke it into little pieces, and they had a royal feast there on the old fence-rail. I wanted my bread and jam; but then Yellowjackets are such interesting fairies , being among the world's first paper- makers; and baby Yellowjackets are such chubby youngsters. Thinking of these things makes to a joy to share one's bread and jam with these wasp fairies.
  When I was coming back from feeding them I heard a loud noise. That Rob Ryder was out there by the chute , shouting at God in a very quick way. He was begging God to dam that chute right there in our back yard. Why, if God answered his prayer, we would be in an awful fix. The house we live in would be under water, if God dammed the chute. Now I think anger had Rob Ryder or he would not pray kind God to be so unkind.
  When I came again to the house we live in , the mamma was cutting out biscuits with the baking powder can . She put the pan of biscuits on the woodbox back of the stove . She put a most clean dishtowel over the biscuits, then she went to gather in clothes. I got a thimble from the machine drawer . I cut little round biscuits from the big biscuits. The mamma found me. She put the thimble back in the machine drawer. She put me under the bed. Here under the bed I now print.
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