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Scene 57
Trying to Help the Papa

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  The papa is again come home from one of the upper camps -- one of those by the rivière . I had seeing of him when I went to look for Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil under the front step. He said he was going to make early garden. He said he thought he would set some onions out and plant some radishes and some seeds that will grow into lettuce. I did make a stop to help him. He said for me to carry off the rocks where he did make spade-ups . I did. I picked up the rocks in a quick way. I carried them a little way away by the brook. When summertime is come, I have thinks I will put them in the brook with some more to make the brook have more wideness. And the man of the long step that whistles most all of the time has made me a waterwheel to go rounds in the brook when summertime is come.
  The time it took to pick up those rocks -- it was a time long. I did like to do it. I had thinks it would be of helps to the papa . After they was all picked up and carried over by the brook, I did go to the papa to see what more helps I could be. He was talking with the husband of Elsie . When I did ask him what helps I could be, he told me to run away from there - - he wanted to talk.
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