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Scene 56
A Visit With Dear Love and Husband

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  When we were come to the house of Dear Love , the husband of Dear Love was making for her a chair. He was putting much work on all the little pieces. He did make all little rough places to have much smoothness. He so did with tools out of a tool box he does keep in the kitchen of their little house. When he is not having uses of the tools in the tool box, then the tool box has its lid down and it is a seat to sit on. Sometimes on rainy days when I do take Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus to visit Dear Love, we all do sit on the tool box and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus does allow Dear Love to give him gentle pats on his nice white paws. He does have such beautiful ones. Today he did have allows for her to pat his paws while we did sit on a little bench.
  Dear Love had thinks the appears of the cap of her husband on the head of Brave Horatius was very nice. And the husband of Dear Love did say the pink ribbons now on his cap made it a better looking cap. I had thinks so, too. Before I did have comes back to the house we live in , Dear Love did get out a piece of calico just like my dress. Then she cut out the light blue patch that I did mend on with china-mending glue guaranteed to stick. She did sew on the blue calico patch in a nice way. She so did because she thought the light blue patch of outing flannel would be nice for a crib-robe for Felix Mendelssohn .
  While Dear Love was sewing that blue calico patch on my blue calico dress with little stitches, her husband did smile and look at her and he did say, "Another reason." Now I have thinks the other reason was that he had fears if I longer wore that light blue patch of outing flannel on my dress, some of its soft feels would get wored off and wouldn't be there for the joys of Felix Mendelssohn . He is a mouse that has likes for soft feels to go to sleep in.
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