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Scene 54
Preparing to Visit Dear Love

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  When I was come into the house we live in , I had thinks to go to visit Dear Love . When I did give my dress a smooth-out, I did have feels of that tear I got in it yesterday on top the barn door when I did go to talk with Michael Angelo Sanzio Raphael . That was not a little tear. It was quite a big one. I had thinks it might get some more tear if I did not mend it. I got a patch. It was almost like the dress. It was a piece of a piece that was left when the mamma did make for her baby a jacket of light blue outing flannel. The patch of light blue looked nice on my dark blue calico dress, and the patch did have a soft feel. I mended it onto my dress with china-mending glue guaranteed to stick. Mending it that way saves so much time. It is quicker than mending it with a needle and thread in the regular way.
  Then I went to get the cap of the husband of Dear Love . The husband of Dear Love has given me one of his old caps to carry some of my pets in. Sometimes caterpillars do ride in it -- black and brown ones that do roll up in a ball and sleep the all of the time that I have them out for a walk. And sometimes Felix Mendelssohn and Nannerl Mozart and Louis II, le Grand Condé , do all ride in it. It is a nice warm place for them to ride when we do go on winter walks. But mostly Louis II, le Grand Condé, has prefers to ride in the sleeves of my warm red dress.
  Sometimes Brave Horatius does wear this cap that was the cap of the husband of Dear Love . It so was today when Brave Horatius and I did go to visit Dear Love. Brave Horatius did wear the cap of her husband. I put little pink-ribbon strings on it, and I did tie them under his chin in a nice way. He was very quiet while I did so do, and his being quiet did help me to get them tied in a nice way. He is such a lovely dog. And he does have appreciations for all the things I do for him. When I did have that cap tied on in a nice way, he did bark a joy bark, and he gave his tail three wags, and we did start to go to the house of Dear Love .
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