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Scene 52
Looking for fairies

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  When the more works was done, I went in a quick soft way to the woods. I made little hops over the bushes -- the little bushes -- as I did go along. I went along the path until I came near unto the way that does lead to the big old log where is the mossbox. I hid behind a tree when I was almost come there. I so did to wait a wait to see if the fairies were near about. I had not seeing of one about the mossbox.
Follow One Character I looked looks about. I looked looks about the old root by the log. It turned a big piece of bark over. Under it was something between two layers of moss tied up with a pink ribbon. I felt glad feels . When I did untie the pink ribbon around the moss, there was lots more of pink ribbons. They did have little cards, and the little card on a nice long piece of pink ribbon said, "For Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus ." Another card on a more long piece did say, "For William Shakespeare ." Another card on a more short piece did say, "For Lars Porsena of Clusium ." And there was a ribbon for Brave Horatius and Isaiah and Elizabeth Barrett Browning and for Mathilde Plantagenet , and there was more.
  I did take them all in my arms and I did go to the mill in the far woods . I so went, to show all those pretty pink ribbons to the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice. I did show him all the cards that was on them. He was glad. I had seeing of the glad light in his eyes. He and I -- we do believe in fairies .
  Near him today was working the man of the long step that whistles most all of the time. He is a man with an understanding soul . When Brave Horatius did get his leg hurt the other day, this man did wash it and mentholatum it, and he wrapped his handkerchief in rounds around it. Brave Horatius has likes for him, too.
  Today, when I did show to the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice all the pink ribbons the fairies did bring, he did say he thought the other man would like to see Brave Horatius 's new pink ribbon that he was going to wear to cathedral service come a Sunday. And he did have likes to see it. When I told him how it was brought by the fairies to the moss-box by the old log, he said, "By jolly -- that's fine." And the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice gave me pats on the head, and I brought the ribbons back to a box where I do keep things in the woods.
  I went on. When I was come to the house we live in , I had sees the mamma was come back. When I was come into the house, I had sees with her the mamma brought back a little bottle - it is called china-mending glue - - guaranteed to stick. That sounds great. I believe that bottle is quite a blessing. It has an interest look. It will be of much use in many ways. I'm glad the mamma set it on the lampshelf, because I can climb on the stove and reach up to the shelf.
  Now I go to talk with the willows where Nonette flows. I am going to tell them about this being the borning day of Queen Elizabeth of York, in 1465. Then I am going goes to tell William Shakespeare and Lars Porsena of Clusium about it.
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