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Scene 50
Writting More messages

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  Today, after I did have thinks about it in school , I did print more messages on leaves for Angel Father and Angel Mother . I did tell them about the girl who has no seeing . And on more leaves I did print all about the cathedral and how the presence of Saint Louis is always near unto it. And then it was come time for school to let out.
  I went adown the road . I went the way by the field where Aidan of Iona come from Lindisfarne was on yesterday. I climbed the fence. I looked looks about. He was not there today. But there were Bede of Jarrow and Felix of Croyland. I did have talks with them. I went on. I went on to the singing creek where the willows grew. I gathered watercress for the mamma . Then I did go my way to the house we live in . No one was there. I put the watercress for the mamma on the cook table. Then I did bring much wood in and put it in the woodbox back of the kitchen stove .
  After the chickens did have their supper feed, I did go into the near woods . I so went to tie the messages I did print on gray leaves to the trees. And I tied one on one tree and one on another. I tied them there that they may go in thoughts to Angel Mother and Angel Father up in heaven there. And I did have thinks when the angels come to walk in the near woods they would see and carry them on. And I did say a little prayer every time I did tie on a leaf-message.
  I did look looks about. This woods is gray in winter when come cold days. And gray shadows walk among the trees. They touch one's face with velvet fingers when one goes walking there in the woods. In the winter old gray leaves grow to look like lace. They are very beautiful. As I did go along, I saw many gray rocks. Some gray rocks had gray and green patches on them. Some of these patches had ruffles all around their edges. The gray patches on gray rocks are lichens. My Angel Father said so.
  Lichen folks talk in gray tones. I think they do talk more when come winter days. I hear their voices more in December than I do hear their voices in July and June time. Angel Father did show me the way to listen to lichen voices. Most grown-ups don't hear them at all. I see them walk right by -- in a hurry sometimes. And all the time the lichen folks are saying things. And the things they say are their thoughts about the gladness of a winter day. I put my ear close to the rocks and I listen. That is how I do hear what they are saying. Then I do take a reed for a flute. I climb on a stump -- on the most high stump that is near. I pipe on the flute to the wind what the lichens are saying. I am piper for the lichens that dwell on the gray rocks, and the lichens that cling to the trees grown old.
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