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Scene 48
A Wonderful Dinner For All

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  Now Jenny Strong and the mamma is gone to the house of Elsie to see the new baby. When she did go, the mamma did tell me to put the baby to sleep. I so did. I did sing it to sleep in the rockingchair. I did sing it the rivière and Fleuve song "A is for Adour, Avre, Ain, Aube, Arroux, and Allier." When I did get to "D is for Douze and Dordogne and Durance," the baby did move its arm. When I did get to "G is for Garonne and Gers and Gard," the baby did open its eyes. When I did get to "I is for Indre, and Isère and Iraouaddy," it did close its eyes. I did sing on. And sleeps did come upon the baby.
  We had lots on the table to eat tonight, because Jenny Strong is come. And most everything I did get to eat I did make divides of it for my animal friends. They will all have a good share. And they will be glad. There is enough for all to have a good amount to eat, which often isn't. I did feel a goodly amount of satisfaction sitting there at the suppertable tonight for a little time. I was thinking how glad the mice will be for the corn I have saved for them. And too, Brave Horatius will have good feels in his mouth when he sees that big bone. And the birds will like all the scraps that are on the plate of Jenny Strong if I can get them before the mamma gives them to that big gray cat.
  I have seeings that the folks, they are almost through eating. I now am not at the table. I was only there for a very little while. I now am under the bed. The mamma did send me away from the table - - it seems a long time ago. She did send me away from the table because when Jenny Strong asked me if I liked her dress, I said, "Yes, and the ruffles around your neck are like the ruffles around the neck of the man with the glove, when Titian made his picture." Jenny Strong looked a queer look and she said to the mamma, "What a naughty child!" The mamma did straightway tell me to crawl under the bed and to stay there. I so am. I have feels Jenny Strong has not had seeing of the picture of the man with the glove that Titian did make. I thought it was nice to tell her her ruffles were like his. They did look so nice.
  I have wonders about folks. They are hard to understand. I think I will just say a little prayer. My, I do have such hungry feels now. They at the table are not through yet. I make swallows down my throat. It is most hard not to eat what I have saved for my animal friends. But they will like it so I can wait waits until breakfast-time. I can. In-between times I will have thinks and prayers.
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