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Scene 39
The Baby is Elsie's

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  Then I did go on in hurry steps to the house of Elsie . As quick as her young husband did open the door, I did walk right in, for I did have thinks maybe she did have some very anxious feels while I was gone. She smiled glad smiles when I told her it was hers. It must have been an immense amount of relief -- her now knowing it really was her own baby. And when I did turn around to tell her young husband it was theirs, her young husband, he just said, "I knew it was mine." And he looked more fond looks at the blanket it was wrapped in. I have feels now it is nice for them to have it; and it is good that they will not have needs to give it up being as it matches them. Angels do have a goodly amount of wisdom. This is a wonderful world to live in.
  When I did say good-bye to Elsie and the charmante baby, I did go to the barn where is the gentle Jersey cow and the baby calf that does match her. That baby calf I have named Mathilde Plantagenet . I have named her so for Mathilde that was daughter of Roi Henri I and Mathilde that was daughter of Sainte Marguerite that was reine d'Ecosse. Mathilde Plantagenet is her name because the name of the man Mathilde did marry, it was Geoffroi Plantagenet. And too in days of summer the gênet fleur grows near unto here. I have had seeings of them by waters that flow by the mill town . And when their bloom time is come, I will make for Mathilde Plantagenet a guirlande. of les fleurs de gênet. And we will go walking down the lane .
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