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Scene 38
Solving The Puzzle of Elsie's Baby

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  When sleeps was come upon the mamma's baby, I straightway did go in a hurry to the house of Dear Love by the mill by the far woods . All the way along the raindrops were coming in a hurry down. Many of them did say, "Petite Françoise too. I wonder, I wonder." When I was come to the house of Dear Love, she was there and he was there. Her eyes were light blue, and her hair, it was very light. Most cream hair she has got. And her husband that does call her Dear Love -- his eyes they are blue, and he has red hair. I saw. And I was going right back because I did feel sad feels. Dear Love, she did lead me back into her house and did have me to sit on a chair. I sat on its corner. And I felt lumps come up in my throat. She did take off my fascinator , and she did take off my shoes so my feet would get dry.
  Then she did take me on her lap and she did ask me what was the matter. And I just did tell her all about it -- all about how I had been praying for the angels to bring a baby real soon to the to them. And how sad feels I did feel because they didn't have a baby yet. Her husband did smile a quiet smile at her, and roses did come on her cheeks. And I did have thinks that they did have thinks that this baby the angels did bring to the house of Elsie was their baby. Then I did give them careful explanations as how I too did have thinks it was their baby the angels did bring to the house of Elsie, that I did pray for them to have real soon. And as how I did have thinks so yesterday and last night and right up until now, when I did come to their house and have seeings of their blue eyes and his having red hair. I did tell them as how this baby couldn't be theirs, because it has most dark hair and dark eyes -- like the eyes and the hair of the young husband of Elsie.
  Angels do have a big amount of goodly wisdom. They do bring to folks babies that are like them. To mother sheeps they do bring lambs. To mother horse they do bring a poulain. To mother bats they bring twin bats. To a mother mouse they do bring a baby mulot and some more like it -- all at the same time. To mère daine they do bring a baby faon. To the gentle Jersey cow they did bring a baby calf, with creamness and brownness upon it like the creamness and brownness that is upon the gentle Jersey cow. Angels do have a goodly amount of wisdom. They do bring to folks babies that do match them. And after I did tell them that, I did have telling them as how, being as this baby didn't have eyes and hair to match theirs, it couldn't be their baby. But I did tell them not to have disappoints too bad, because I am going to pray on -- and maybe she will get a baby next week.
  When I did say that, her young husband did walk over to the window and look long looks out. I have thinks he was having wonders if two or three angels would be coming with the angel that will be bringing their baby, and if the cradle-quilt they bring with it will have a blue bow or a pink bow on it and if its baby brush will have blue fleurs or pink fleurs on it. I have wonders. I think blue fleurs on its baby brush and a blue bow on its cradle-quilt will look nicer with red hair than pink fleurs and a pink bow. I have thinks I better put that in my prayers.
Follow One Character By-and-by, when my feets were dry, they did put my shoes on and they laced them up. They didn't miss a string-hole like I do sometimes when I am in a hurry to get them tied up. Then, when they did have them tied up, they did want me to stay to dinner. But I did have feels I must hurry back to the house of Elsie and tell her that the baby was hers. She might be having anxious feels about it. When I did say good-bye they did give me two apples -- one for William Shakespeare and one for Elizabeth Barrett Browning . And they did give me some cheese for Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus and corn for Lars Porsena of Clusium . And they came a long way with me.
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