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Scene 36
Elsie's brand new baby

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Follow One Character Elsie has a brand new baby and all the things that go with it. There's a pink fleur on its baby blush and a pink bow on its cradle-quilt. The angels brought the baby just last night in the night. I have been to see it a goodly number of times -- most everything I did start to do, I went aside before I did get through doing it to take peeps at the darling baby. I so did when I was sent to feed the chickens, and when I went to carry in the wood, and when I went to visit Aphrodite , and when I went to take eggs to the folks that live yonder , and when I went to get some soap at the ranch-house , and when I went to take a sugar lump to William Shakespeare , and when I went to take food to the folks in the hospital , and when I went to the ranch-house to get the milk. And in the between times I did go in the way that does lead to the house of Elsie .
  The baby -- it is a beautiful baby -- though it does have much redness of face from coming such a long way in the cold last night. Maybe it was the coldness of the night that did cause the angels to make the mistake. They stopped at the wrong house. I'm quite sure this is the very baby I have been praying for the angels to bring to the new young folks that do live by the mill by the far woods . Dear Love , her young husband does call her. And they are so happy. But they have been married seven whole months and haven't got a baby yet. Twice every day for a time long I have been praying prayers for the angels to bring them one real soon.
  And most all day today I did feel I better tell Elsie as how this baby isn't her baby, before she does get too fond of it. She so likes to cuddle it now. Both morning and afternoon I did put off going to tell her about it. I did wait most until eventime . Then I couldn't keep still any longer. I felt I would just have to speak to her about it at once.
  I did have knowings that Mrs. Limberger , that was staying with Elsie until the other woman was come back, wouldn't let me come in the door to see the baby again because she has opinions that nineteen times is fully enough to be a-coming to see a baby on the first day of its life on earth. So I went and got a woodbox off the back porch, and I did go around to the bedroom window. I did get on top the woodbox and I made rappings on the window pane. Elsie did have hearings. She did turn her head on the pillow. And she gave nods for me to come in. I pushed the window a push enough so I could squeeze in. Then I sidled over to the bed.
  Elsie did look so happy with the baby. I did swallow a lump in my throat. She looked kind smiles at me. I did not like to bring disturbs to her calm. I just stood there making pleats in my blue calico apron. I did have thinks of Dear Love and the house without a baby by the mill by the far woods . Then I felt I couldn't wait any longer. I just said, "I know you are going to have a disappoint , Elsie, but I have got to tell you -- this baby isn't yours. It's a mistake. It really belongs to Dear Love in that most new, most little house by the mill by the far woods. It's the one I've been praying the Angels to bring to her."
  Just when I was all out of breath from telling her, there did come the heavy step of Mrs. Limberger's approaches. Elsie did say in a gentle way, "Come to me early in the morning and we will talk the matter over." Then I did go out the window.
  From the house of Elsie I did go to talk with Michael Angelo Sanzio Raphael . He does so understand. All troubles that do trouble me, I do talk them over with him. While I was telling him all about how the angels did make a mistake and did bring Dear Love's baby to the house of Elsie, I did hear a little voice. It was a baby voice. It did come from the barn. I went in to see. It wasn't in the haystack. It seemed to come from a way below. I slid down to the manger of the gentle Jersey cow . I thought she was in the pasture, but there she was in the barn. And with her was a dear new baby calf. When I did ask the ranch folks when it was brought, they did say it was brought in the night last night. I have thinks the same angel that did bring the new baby to the house of Elsie did bring also in her other arm that baby calf to the gentle Jersey cow. Tonight I will pick it out a name from the books Angel Mother and Angel Father did write in. Early in the morning I will go again to the house of Elsie.
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