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Scene 32
Coldness in the Outdoors

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  There were pictures on the window-panes when I woke up this morning. By-and-by the fire in the stove made the room warm, and the pictures on the window-panes went away. I was sorry when they went away. I so did like to look looks at them.
  When I did have my breakfast, the mamma did send me to take a bucket of something with eggs on top it to the ranch-house . The outdoors did have coldness. It did make my fingers to have queer feels . And my nose felt like I didn't have any. Brave Horatius followed after me as I did go along. As I did go along, I did see ice on the mud-puddles. Every now and then I did stop to break the ice on the mud-puddles. I broke the ice to see what was in the water. Under the ice that was over the cow-tracks there was no water -- only dirt, cold and stiff, with little crystals on it.
  When I was come to the ranch-house , the grandma did come to the door, and she took the bucket of something with eggs on top it, that the mamma did send to her. I started on to school . I did go as far as the pump . I made a stop there. I was going to give its handle some lift-ups and some pulldowns, so water would come out. I have likes to see water come out of that pump. But today water won't come out of the pump. The pump handle won't go up and down. The grandpa said it froze in the night. I think it has got the croup . I expect it needs some coal-oil . I have thinks I must tend to that pump tonight.
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