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Scene 25
Cloudships in the Sky

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  Near eventime today I did go out the house when the works were done. I went out the front door and a little way down the path. I made a stop to watch the clouds. They first did come over the hills in a slow way. Then they did sail on and on. They were like ships. I did have wonders what thoughts they were carrying from the hills to somewhere. While I did watch, Brave Horatius did come and stand by my side. He looked up at me. In his eyes were askings. I made explainings. I told him, "Le ciel est plein de nuages, qui ont l'air de navires."
  While I did talk with him, the mamma did call. I went in. Brave Horatius followed after. She made him go out the other door. I went too. I went to get the potatoes the mamma wanted for supper. I got them out of a sack in the woodshed . When she did make prepares to peel the potatoes, the mamma reached away back in the cook-table drawer for the paring knife . When she did reach so far back, she did feel the track of Elizabeth Barrett Browning . Then she pulled it out real quick. She threw it out the window. When I went to pick it up, it was broken into eleven pieces. I did gather up all the pieces. They got a little bit wet from tears that trickled down my nose. When I did get the pieces together, I did put them in the back part of the machine drawer .
Follow One Character While I so did, I heard a grunt by the bedroom window. I climbed out. There was Peter Paul Rubens , and near unto him was Brave Horatius . To each I gave four pats on the nose. They have likes for pats on the nose. Then I went adown the path. They walked beside me. I saw the cloudships sailing on. I made a stop to tell Peter Paul Rubens what I did tell Brave Horatius. I didn't get it all told. When I did say, "Le ciel est plein de nuages," Peter Paul Rubens did grunt a grunt to go on. That was his own dear way of telling me he already did have knowings those clouds looked like ships. I gave him a pat and one to Brave Horatius too.
  I went on. They walked beside me. I went on a little way. Then I did go aside from the path. I so went to the altar of Saint Louis. Three logs and four stumps and three trees it is distant from the path. And I took there with me all the little plants with green leaves -- the ones I did dig up yesterday. I brought them to plant them in a crown there on his altar, for this day is the day of his crowning in 1226. While I did plant them, the wind did sing a memory song. And the trees were talking. I have thinks they were saying of the goodness of Saint Louis. Peter Paul Rubens , he did have understanding of what they were saying. He did grunt Amen at in-between times.
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