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Scene 22
The Mamma Comes Home From Elsie's

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  She was come again home, and she sent me back to Elsie's to get the tidy she was crocheting that she did forget and leave there. So I did go the way that does lead to the house of Elsie . It is not far from the house we live in , and Elsie has not been married long. She only has one baby. She has much liking for it. Elsie is a very young girl -- a very young girl to be married, the mamma says. Today when I came to the house of Elsie, she was trotting on her knee that dear baby boy the angels brought her when she did live at the other camp where we did live too. To him she was singing a song. It was:

"Gallop-a-trot, Gallop-a -trot, This is the way the gentlemen ride, Gallop-a-trot."

She tossed her head as she did sing. And the joy-light danced in her eyes.
  I have thinks it must be wonderful happiness to be married. I have seen the same joy-light in the eyes of her tall young husband. It is there much when he is come home at eventide from work in the woods. Then she does have many kind words and kisses for him. He has adoors for her, and too he has a pumpadoor that he smooths back with vaseline. Why today I did see he had used most all of the Vaseline out of that jar that sets on their kitchen shelf. That Vaseline jar has an interest look. I have been watching it. And every day when I do stand on tiptoe and take peeks at it, there is not so much Vaseline in it as there was in it the day before. I have thinks it does take a goodly amount to keep his pumpadoor smooth.
  While I was bringing home the tidy the mamma did leave at the house of Elsie , I met a chapine baby. He did sail away. Érable leaves did go in little hops, and so went I. Soon I saw a gray board. I did turn it over. Under that old gray board were five little silk bags. They were white and they did feel lumps. I know baby spiders will come out of them when comes spring days, because last year I found bags like these, and this year in the spring baby spiders walked out. They were very fidgety youngsters.
  Just when I did most have decides to take them to the nursery , I heard the mamma calling. I put the board back again in the way it was before I came that way. Then I did run a quick run to the house. And the mamma did send me in a hurry to the woodshed . It was for two loads of wood she wanted. I did bring in the first load in a hurry. The second load I brought not so. I did pick up all the sticks my arms could hold. While I was picking them up, I looked long looks at them. I went not to the kitchen with them in a quick way. I was meditating. I did have thinks about the tree they all were before they got chopped up. I did wonder how I would feel if I was a very little piece of wood that got chopped out of a very big tree. I did think that it would have hurt my feelings. I felt of the feelings of the wood. They did have a very sad feel.
  Just when I was getting that topmost stick a bit wet with sympathy tears -- then the mamma did come up behind me with a switch . She said while she did switch, "Stop your meditations." And while she did switch, I did drop the wood. I felt the feels the sticks of wood felt when they hit the floor. Then I did pick them up with care and I put them all in the wood-box back of the cook-stove . I put them there because the mamma said I must put them there. But all the time I was churning I did hum a little song. It was a good-bye song to the sticks in the woodbox back of the kitchen stove.
  When the churning was done and the butter was come, the mamma did lift all the little lumps of butter out of the churn. Then she did pat them together in a big lump, and this she put away in the butterbox in the woodshed . When she went to lay herself down to rest on the bed, she did call me to rub her head. I like to rub the mamma's head for it does help the worry lines to go away. Often I rub her head, for it is often she does have longings to have it so. And I do think it is very nice to help people have what they do have longings for.
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