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Scene 21
Much Work to be Done

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  Now are come the days of brown leaves. They fall from the trees. They flutter on the ground. When the brown leaves flutter, they are saying little things. They talk with the wind. I hear them tell of their borning days when they did come into the world as leaves. And they whisper of the hoods they wore then. I saw them. I use to count them on the way to school .
  Today they were talking of the time before their borning day s of this springtime. They talked on and on, and I did listen on to what they were telling the wind and the earth in their whisperings. They told how they were a part of earth and air before their tree-borning days. And now they are going back. In gray days of winter they go back to the earth again. But they do not die. And in the morning of today it was that I did listen to these talkings of the brown leaves.
  Then I faced about. I turned my face and all of me to the way that leads to the house we live in , for there was much works to be done. When I was come to the house I went around and I did walk in the back doorway. The mamma wasn't in. I took long looks about to see what works I best do first.
  There was washed-up dishes in a bake-pan, so I did dishtowel them all and put them away. There was needs to climb upon a chair and upon a box, to put those dishes where they ought to be put. While I was up there, I took looks about to see what there was. I saw a cake of bon ami. Bon ami is to give things a shine-up. And this morning I gave the knives a shine-up and the forks too. Then I tried bon ami on the black kettles and the bakepans. It did not give unto them such nice appears , so I gave them a shine-up with Vaseline.
  After that I did take the broom from its place, and I gave the floor a good brooming . I broomed the boards up and down and cross-ways. There was not a speck of dirt on them left. What I did sweep off with the broom, I did place into a shoe-box lid and dust it in the stove . Then the floor did look clean like the mamma does say it ought to look all the time. I put the broom back in its place where the mamma does say it ought to be.
  Then I did look looks from the floor to the window. I thought I better clean the window too while I was fixing things. Just when I started to put bon ami on the window, I did look out to see what I could see. I saw Agamemnon Menelaus Dindon going in a slow walk by. He was giving his neck a stretch-out. He gave it another one, and when he made a swallow his throat did look appears of croup . And croup does always have needs of being fixed up. So I laid down the bon ami, and I went and I did pour a whole lot of coal-oil down the throat of Agamemnon Menelaus Dindon. That was to make his croup go away. Now he will be feeling well feels real soon. He didn't want to take the coal-oil. I had to hold him tight. Some turkey gobblers can kick most hard.
  When I did have him fixed I thought I better take looks about to see if any more folks did have croup appears . I yet did have some coal-oil left in the bottle. Few folks were about, and none did have croup looks. So I did go again to the cleaning of the window. When that was done in the proper way the mamma says it ought to be done I did stop to eat some bread and milk, for it was after dinner-time and it was a long time before suppertime.
  After that I went out in the woodshed where the papa keeps his tools. He keeps them in a big box. Some days he forgets to lock the box. Those days I have very interesting times in the woodshed. There are all kinds of queer-looking things in that tool-box. Just when I did have the lid open the mamma did call.
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