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Scene 138
What happened after

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  After this I lived in a great many other lumber camps, and there were new people and new animal friends and new nurseries and other cathedrals . I studied in the woods and wrote down what I saw and heard. In the spring of 1918 I went from Oregon to Southern California, to do more research work in natural science, earning my way by teaching nature classes. In the winter of 1918 I published my first nature-book, paying for it by taking orders for it in advance.
  In the summer of 1919 I came East, hoping to be able to get another nature-book published. In my going to see publishers, I came to the editor of the Altlantic. While I was telling the editor about this book, he asked me if I never kept a diary, and this is the answer.
  After the seventh year and far on into other years I continued the diary; but perhaps some other time the story of all these things will be pieced together and made into another book.
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