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Scene 131

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  After other works was done at the house we live in on this morning, the mamma did have me to stand on a box on a chair and give to the windows some washes. Then she did have me to give the steps some scrubs. While I so did, I looked looks about. On the porch-end was a little spider. He made moves in a little quick way. A guÍpe came near unto him. She made no stops. She came onto him. She did carry that spider away.
  Pretty soon I did have those steps all clean -- nice and clean. Then the mamma did have me to help her to take the children to the house of her mamma. She and they stayed there all day. I so did not do. When they were come to the door of the ranch-house , I did go goes in the way that goes to the pasture-bars. I so did go to tell the folks in the pasture what day it was.
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