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Scene 13
Colored Pencils From the Fairies

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  I went to look for the fairies . I went to the near woods . I hid behind the trees and made little runs to big logs. I walked along the logs and I went among the ferns. I did tiptoe among the ferns. I looked looks about. I did touch fern-fronds and I did have feels of their gentle movements. I came to a big root. I hid in it. I so did to wait waits for the fairies that come among the big trees.
  While I did wait waits , I did have thinks about that letter I did write on the other day for more color pencils that I do have needs of to print with. I thought I would go to the moss-box by the old log. I thought I would have goes there to see if the fairies yet did find my letter. I went. The letter it was gone. Then I did have joy feels all over. The color pencils -- they were come. There was a blue one and a green one and a yellow one. And there was a purple one and a brown one and a red one. I did look looks at them a long time. It was so nice, the quick way the fairies did bring them.
Follow One Character While I was looking more looks at them, some one did come near the old root. It was my dear friend Peter Paul Rubens . I gave him four pats and I showed him all the color pencils . Then I did make a start to go to the mill by the far woods . Peter Paul Rubens went with me and Brave Horatius came a-following after. All the way along I did feel glad feels , and I had thinks how happy the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice would be when he did see how quick the fairies did answer my letter and bring the color pencils.
Follow One Character When we were come near the mill by the far woods , it was near gray-light-time . The lumber men were on their home way. They did whistle as they did go. Two went side by side, and three came after. And one came after all. It was the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice. Brave Horatius made a quick run to meet him, and I did follow after. I did have him guess what it was the fairies did bring this time. He guessed a sugarlump for William Shakespeare every day next week. I told him it wasn't a right guess. He guessed somemore. But he couldn't guess right, so I showed them all to him.
  He was so surprised. He said he was so surprised the fairies did bring them this soon. And he was so glad about it. He always is. He and I -- we do have knows the fairies walk often in these woods, and when I do have needs of more color pencils to make more prints with, I do write the fairies about it. I write to them a little letter on leaves of trees and I do put it in the moss-box at the end of the old log. Then, after they do come walking in the woods and find the letter in the moss-box, they do bring the color pencils, and they lay them in the moss-box. I find them there and I am happy.
  No one does have knowing of that moss-box but one. He is the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice. He has knowings of the letters I do print on leaves and put there for the fairies . And after he does ask me, and after I do tell him I have wrote to them for color pencils that I have needs of -- he does take a little fern plant and make a fern wish with it that the fairies will bring to me the color pencils I have needs of. Then we do plant the little fern by the old log. And the time is not long until I do find the color pencils in the moss-box by the old log. I am very happy.
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