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Scene 129
The Satin Eggs

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  I'm back again. I did go straight from this haystack with the two and dozen eggs to the door of the house of Mrs. Limberger . When I did get there she was talking with a woman. The woman was the beautiful Sadie McKibben , and she wore upon her a new dress like the blossoms of avalon growing in the marshes, and there were freckles on it like the freckles on her face, and both were beautiful. Also did Mrs. Limberger wear a new dress. It was black and had a yellow stripe in it like unto one of those yellow stripes the garter-snake wears on his back.
  When I did walk soft upon the porch they were so busy talking they heard me not. I reached out the eggs. Yet they were so busy talking they saw them not. Then I did edge over to Sadie McKibben . I gave her sleeve a little pull. She looked down at me and smiled. She went on talking. She gave each one of my curls a smooth-out while she talked on. When she did get most done with her part of the conversation, Mrs. Limberger did happen to see the eggs I was holding out to her. She reached and took them. I was glad, but my arm was the most glad part of me because it did have a tired feeling from holding the bucket out so long.
  She didn't even notice those satin eggs on top. She did begin to talk about the many ribbons and the many ruffles the new woman wears that lives up the corduroy road . She talked on and on, and I did wait on for the lard-pail the eggs were in. And I did get fidgety, for she wasn't holding the bucket straight by the middle of its loop as a bucket ought to be held. I had a little fear she would drop that bucket. That would make a dent in it. And I knew what a spanking I would get if I took that pail home with a dent in it. I did stick my linger in my mouth to keep from speaking to her about it.
  Just when I had feels how that spanking was going to feel, she did take a firm hold on the handle. But she didn't take it in the middle. That did make the bucket to tip. She went on talking. She took a big breath and two of those satin-feel eggs did roll out. They bounced. They broke. Mrs. Limberger kinked her nose quick. She put her new black dress to it. Sadie McKibben too did put her new dress to her nose in a quick way. And my apron so did I put to my nose. Now this I know for there I learned, an egg with a satin feel may feel proper, but inside it is not so, and if it gets a fall, it is only a queer odor that one does have longings to run away from.
  But Mrs. Limberger made me stay right there and carry water from the pump and scrub all the bad odors off her back porch. I think some of them odors wasn't from the two eggs with satin feels. When I confided my feelings about the matter to Felix Mendelssohn , Mrs. Limberger did tell me to go on scrubbing. She said whatever smells might have been there you couldn't get a whiff of, on account of the multiplications of smells that came from the two eggs. Sadie McKibben did help me to scrub. She did ask Mrs. Limberger not to mention the matter to the mamma . Also she said she was going by that way tomorrow and would bring the four eggs to make up the dozen.
  When I started home Sadie McKibben did give to me a good-bye kiss on each cheek. She knew how I do long for kisses, and how the mamma hasn't time to give me any. When I walked by Mrs. Limberger I did look the other way. As I passed she gave me a pat, and when she did, Felix Mendelssohn squeaked. When she gave me the pat, it went through my dress onto the back of the head of Felix Mendelssohn in a pocket in my underskirt. And he being a mouse of a musical tendency does object to being patted on the back of the head. He prefers to have pats on his throat. And he won't let anybody give them but me.
  I went on in a hurry to home. The mamma came a little ways from the door to meet me. Behind her was a switch . I saw both ends sticking out. I did give my skirt a shake so Felix Mendelssohn would get out and away. It would be awful for him to get hurt by a whipping. It might hurt his soul. After the mamma did tend to me as usual, I put some mentholatum on the places where the whip did hit most hard. Then I did go to take eggs to the folks that live hereabout . I went in a hurry.
  After that there were baby clothes to be washed and wood to be brought in. Then the mamma told me to go find my sunbonnet and not to come back until I did find it. I went again to the altar of Good King Edward I to pray. Then I went to the nursery and the hospital and came again here where I print. Now I do see Elizabeth Barrett Browning at the pasture-bars. And she has got my sunbonnet on. I knew we would meet again at eventide at the pasture-bars, for often we do and often on hot days she wears my sunbonnet until we meet again. It does so help to keep the sun from hurting her beautiful eyes.
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