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Scene 127
Taking The Eggs

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  As quick as I did eat my breakfast, the mamma did set out the lard-pail on the wash-bench with a dozen eggs in it. As quick as she did so, I put on my sunbonnet. It is blue and has a ruffle on it. Sometimes I wear it on my head, but most times it hangs back over my shoulders. And often I carry it over my arm with things in it -- earthworms for baby birds, bandages for the folks that get hurt, and mentholatum in quinine boxes . Then too, on exploration trips my chums ride in it. Sometimes it's a mouse and sometimes it's a beetle. Very often it is toads and caterpillars -- only they don't ride in the sunbonnet at the same time, because I have learned toads like to eat caterpillars for breakfast. Sometimes Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus , that most dear velvety wood-rat, snuggles up in my sunbonnet. He most fills it up. A sunbonnet is a very useful garment.
  After I did tie my bonnet-strings under my chin in the proper way the mamma thinks they ought to be tied, I walked over to the wash-bench in hippity-hops to get that bucket of eggs. Before I took up the bucket, I did look long looks at those eggs. They were so plump and so white, and they did have so nice a feel. I think being a hen must be a very interesting life. How thrilling it must be to cackle after one lays an egg. And then it must be a big amount of satisfaction to have a large number of children hatch out at the same time and follow one about. I think I would like to be a hen in the daytime, but I wouldn't like to roost in the chicken-house at night.
  When the mamma saw me looking long looks at those eggs, she gave to me a shoulder-shake and told me to get a hurry on me and take those eggs straight to Mrs. Limberger yonder . That Mrs. Limberger is the quite plump wife of that quite big man that lives in a quite big house that is nice but isn't as nice as his lane . I thought I'd go straight to Mrs. Limberger's in along that lane down out along the field; but first I did go by to get Felix Mendelssohn .
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