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Scene 125
Watching the pensée girl and the man of the long step

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  And I went goes to the woods with Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil and Louis II, le Grand Condé . And there I met a glad surprise. Today the fairies did bring more color pencils to the moss-box by the old log. I had finding of them in the afternoon of today. There was a blue one and a green one and a yellow one and a purple one, and more there was too. I looked looks at them, and I climbed up into the tree that is close by the old log. I climbed up to be more near the sky. There was songs in the tree tops and I did make a stop way below to have listens. And I did look looks down on where is the moss-box and the fleurs I have planted near unto it and the ferns and the vines that do have growing over the old log.
  And while I did have watches of the plant-folks that dwell about the moss-box , and while I did have listens of the songs in the tree tops, then it was the pensée girl with the far-away look in her eyes and the man of the long step that whistles most all of the time did come walking through the woods. It is often now they so come, and he does gather ferns for her and they have listens to what the brook sings. Today they didn't make a stop by the brook. They came right on and on. They so did until they was come right up to where the plant-folks dwell by the moss-box.
  First I did have thinks they was coming comes to leave a letter for the fairies . But they came and they stood there -- they did not go goes away. Then I had knows they didn't even see the moss-box where I do leave the letters for the fairies. They did almost step on it. I had sees there was joy-lights in her eyes, and the looks he looked at her was like the looks the young husband of Dear Love does look at her when he is come home from work at even-time. And I did reach out my arms above them for blessings to come.
  They had not knows of my reaching out my arms above them. Only God had knows. They did just have sees for one another. I have sure feels they didn't see that green caterpillar having sleeps under the green hazel leaf. He most stepped on the moss-box . I most hollered. My loose tooth was queer feels . He is a most strong man. He put his arms around the pensée girl and he most lifted her off the ground. I had fears he would drop her on the moss-box. I most did have losing of my balance on the tree-arm.
  And I had sees of a chipmunk on a stump. He was very saucy and had nice stripes on his back. And he did sit up and talk chipmunk talk to another chipmunk. I had hears of him and sees of him. But the man of the long step and the pensée girl didn't have sees of the chipmunk. He did take out a ring of gold, and he did tell her that was his mother's wedding ring; and the caterpillar that was asleep did have wake-ups , and he crawled a little more under the hazel leaf. And a butterfly went by -- it was a cream one with a nice ribbon at its wing edge and pinkish spots. I had thinks about how nice it would be to be a butterfly and come out of a little egg and be a caterpillar first and have a lot of legs instead of just two legs like I have got now. And I looked more looks at the fat green caterpillar. I have more like him in the nursery .
  He did kiss her again. Last year I had more green caterpillars like unto this one. And they did grow and change and they was very big brown moths with velvet wings and velvet feet. And he did say, "I want to help you to have all the love joy in the world". And I put more in my prayer -- a baby soon. And the fat green caterpillar fell off the leaf away down on the ground, but he fell on some moss I have put about where is the moss-box . And after his arm did touch the hazel bush he did step over two steps. I breathed a big breathe of reliefs about the moss-box not having steps on. And he kissed her again. And the green caterpillar made begins to crawl back up the hazel bush. And I felt a big amount of satisfaction feels that they was so happy. And I did whisper another prayer for the angels to bring them a baby real soon, with pink fleurs on its baby brush and a pink bow on its cradle-quilt.
  And in the bushes there was a little bird and restless was upon him. The color of him was blue-gray, and there were streaks underneath and there was a bit of yellow on his throat and so on top of his head. He did move in a quick way. I so did, so I could see him more. As I did go along a-following him after, I did have sees of the tracks of the comings and goings of little wood-folks. And a way away was a soft-eyed faon. When it's with its mother, then it is a daine. There was whispers in the ferns and more songs in the tree-tops. And my tooth had some more queer feels , and I had remembers about the green string tied to the doorknob.
  I went a walk back. It was still there when I was come to the house we live in . Brave Horatius was by the steps. He did have watches of me while I did tie the other end of the long green string around my tooth. Then I went a quick walk to the other door by step-backs. I made a reach out for the green string. But it wasn't. It was on the floor, and my tooth was. After I did throw it away, then I did do the green string up in a roll. I am going to keep it.
  I went goes to the garden to get the beets the mamma did want for supper. While I did get them, I did have seeing that the green dresses of the turnip-folk are getting faded and old. I thought they might like to have new white dresses. I went again to the kitchen. I lifted the flour-sifter from the flour-drawer in the cook-table. I did go back to the garden. There I sifted flour on the turnip-folks. It came down in sprinkles like snowflakes. That gave them the proper look. When the wind came along, they nodded appreciation and some of the flour slid off to the ground. And Brave Horatius and I went to prayers in the cathedral , and so went Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus and Menander Euripides Theocritus Thucydides . And Mathilde Plantagenet did wait waits at the pasture-bars.
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