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Scene 124
The loose tooth

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  One of my tooths is loose and a queer feel. This morning, after I did come back from prayers in the cathedral with Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus , it was then I did have feels of that tooth. It was funny feels -- its being loose. After I did eat some of my mush, I did go to the string-box and I pulled out a string. It was a white one. There was lots of white strings in that box, and a pink one and a green one. I put the white string back and I pulled out the green one. It was long -- very long -- feets long. I did tie one part of it around my tooth with carefuls. Then I did come a walk over to where broom stands behind the back door. I did tie the other end of the long green string to the broom handle. And I kept hold of the middle of the string in my hand so when the broom had falls it wouldn't give a bump to my tooth when it did pull it out. I went a walk off. The tooth didn't come out. The green string did just have a slip off the broom handle.
  I carried the string in a careful way while I did go to bring in the wood and other morning works the mamma did want done when she went away to the grandma's house. When the works was done, then I tied that string to the doorknob. I started to walk off. Then I came back a ways. I decided to wait a little while. I walked off again. I got most far enough to get it jerked out. Then I thought I'd wait until after dinner. I took the string of my tooth, but I left it on the doorknob to remind me to do it after dinner. Now I go.
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